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  1. What do you ladies think of Picotin in Rose Shocking Chevre? Actually, how much is a Picotin MM?
  2. Kou...I don't really care for the picotin myself. It is just not a bag for me. BUT...I love the color rose shocking.

    Honestly, I think the color could be fun in that style bag if you love the color and the bag itself.
  3. I love the picotin but I don't think they come in chevre...
  4. I don't think they come in chevre either, else I'd have been all over it.
  5. ^^Thanks, OT!
  6. Gt, Yw!
  7. Thanks Lucy! I didn't know that... But I didn't love the bicolore as much, so I guess it figures that I didn't ask any details about them.
  8. I have seen one in Rouge Garance in Taurillon Clemence (sp?). It was very cute, but I like bags that are a little bit more structured.
  9. I am thinking of getting a bright coloured picotin as well.

    I saw a lady who is tall and really stylish in her late 30s. She was carrying an orange small picotin and it was so eye catching !!!

    The problem is, I have tried carrying them MANY times, but I can't seem to carry it off :crybaby:

    It looks like a basket on my arm :yucky:
  10. you can make it more elegany with a nice carre on the top of the bag.
    or simple close it and put a twilly around the handle....
    i have the mm in etoupe and it is really versatile!!!
  11. Oh, i am thinking maybe I am not elegant or stylish enough :confused1:
  12. If the bag doesn't fit... pick another one :nuts:
    Of course you're elegant and stylish enough. I'm student-geared and it still looks good on me!
  13. I'd love to get a Picotin. The more I see them, the more I think they would be a great way to use more of my scarves/pocket squares. :nuts: How much are the clemence or togo PMs vs. MMs? :flowers:
  14. PM in Clemence was €1100 when I bought mine a couple of months ago.
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