picotin + tirette = _______________

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  1. I have been playing around with my picotin and thinking of ways to dress it up. I don't have twillys or a breloque, so I'm trying to be creative.

    As an experiment, I put a lock and tirette on it (I know the new picotin models will have a lock - mine is just a regular GM).

    Has anyone else tried this? What do you think about it? I've attached photos showing them on the bag in different ways.

    I like the concept, but I wonder if a Birkin/Kelly tirette is the right way to go.

    Does anyone have a photo comparing a Birkin/Kelly tirette to a Victoria tirette and/or a Lindy tirette? (...or, can you take one for me? please?)


    (try to ignore the fact that the tirette is barenia, and the lock is gold!)

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  2. And, in action:

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  3. I like it! You can't see much difference in the leathers from the photos, and I bet it won't be noticeable to others when you're out and about. I think it's a nice addition.

    I personally like a pocket square on a Picotin. The twillys look -- to me -- too narrow when tied on a chunky bag like a Picotin.
  4. Is it "too much"? Trying too hard? Too *obvious*?

    I like that the picotin is so understated. Does this ruin it?

    Here's a black and white version of the photo (the barenia/potiron clash bugs me and I think makes it stick out more - although I'm not sure this is much better):


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  5. eliz - I think I like the extra gadget. I'm wondering if the Birkin tirette is the wrong shape for this kind of bag. Somehow the picotin feels more contemporary, so maybe a Victoria tirette would work better?
  6. Yes, a Victoria tirette might be just the ticket.
  7. Here's a pic of my Victoria with the Tirette, Clochette and lock on; the Clochette is different, but the Tirette is more or less the same.....

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  8. This Picotin looks wonderful on you, Piaffe. You've got great style and don't need anything else on this bag, IMO. However, if you want to dress it up I can imagine you carrying it with a fabulous scarf nestled in the top of the bag so that a bit of the scarf can be seen. Better yet, wear the fabulous scarf and keep the Picotin sleek and modern.
  9. I love it...but...for me it would have to be the same leather/colour/hardware as I am a bit anal like that. The greyed out picture looked better to my eyes as everything just about matched. How about one of the leather animal charms - the tiger one has some orange in it hasn't it?
  10. Hi piaffe, the different color really bothers me. The size of the clochette looks mismatched to your bag.

    But i do like the idea of adding a lock:

    Is your picotin clemence? i don't remember from your last reveal. I am so in love with it. It looks very very good on you.
  11. I think it looks great! You're very creative!
  12. Fun to play with some pop colors. Maybe a dark color like an ebene bag might look cute with some pop. But yes, I would stay with the same leather. The market bags had them.
  13. I think it looks great! The lock really gives it some 'bling' and i love the clochette, a contrasting colour to the orange would look amazing imo xx
  14. duna - thanks for the photo. I'm wondering if a different clochette will work better - I may need to try a Victoria on. It does actually have a more contemporary feel to it. Also wondering about travel HAC/Birkin clochettes - they are slightly larger, and don't have the same "curve" as the regular HAC/Birkin cloche.

    Millstream - thanks... yes, I've seen many fabulous picotins here dressed up beautifully in silk!

    AAN - me too. I need to match. I'm not terribly crazy about the animal charms, to be honest.

    plum blossom - I agree. The size isn't working. Maybe the travel size?

    elizabethk - thanks!

    Encore Hermes and Luva Pug - I tried a rose shocking Kelly key chain (like Liness92's), but the pop wasn't "me". I think I prefer tone on tone... me and my neutrals!

  15. I agree Millstream. I like the Picotin in all its naked glory!:P