Picotin Questions .....

  1. Hello everyone! :flowers:

    I mostly lurk in here but enjoy reading everyone's posts! It seems like a very friendly forum :yes:

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the Picotin came in the color Violet?
    also what leather? I also THOUGHT it came in 3 sizes but when I stopped in the Chicago store two weeks ago the SA told me no, only 2 sizes ???

    She was very nice and showed me the two sizes in both Blue Jean and Etoupe and told me she could try and find me one in Fuschia, which is what I first asked about, but I was not for SURE what I wanted ..... now I am thinking Violet :p

  2. It comes in 4 sizes. PM, MM, GM, and TGM. While I have not seen one in violet, I am certain it comes in raisin, in case you want options.
  3. Raisin would be beautiful in a Picotin!
  4. Some good links here:





    They are great bags, I would love to own several. I have a MM (seciond smallest size) gold Clemence Picotin, use it as a casual day bag but last night used it as an evening bag, it still looked great.

    Your SA probably showed you the 2 smallest sizes, the PM and the MM, as far as I have seen, they seem to be the sizes that are commonly in stock, I have only ever seen the next size up, the GM size once in London and I've never seen the TGM in real life, only in a pic here on the forum.

    (sorry, I don't know the answer about violet)
  5. Wow, Thank you all!!! VERY helpful information! :tup:
  6. I have a PM and love it! I've never seen the other sizes at the store but would love to. SF had a bicolor in I think fuschia/orange a while back but I've never seen one in all fuschia or violet. Mmm raisin would be yummy too!

  7. Crochetbella,my that's lovely!!!! (
    (The photo, I mean)
  8. I got a picture of a bicolor raisin somewhere, not sure in what size. But I love it. My SA suggested me to buy MM.
    2 tone rakuten.jpg
  9. Thanks Temo! oooh Joy that's pretty!
  10. Oh my! That is beautiful!!!
  11. Ooh Thank you! Love it! :tup: