Picotin Pronunciation

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  1. I am dying over this bag and going into the H store to take a look at it today but not sure I am saying it correctly??? I don't want to be mortified when I ask the SA to see the bag. How do you pronounce 'PICOTIN' correctly? TIA!:confused1:
  2. "Pee-ko-tuh(n)" with the "n" nasal but soft - I don't know if this makes sense, sorry!
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    Click this.

    Select "French - Claire" or "French - Julie" from the "Select a voice" menu.

    Enter picotin in the text field and press "Say it!"
  4. ^
    I Loved to play around with those back in the days when they were new. =P (and I was a bit younger. =P )
  5. allanrvj, The above is a very good tool. :tup:

  6. OMG this link is fabulous!!!! Thank you soooo much, Allan!!!
  7. you're welcome, ladies. ;)
  8. Try to type in "hermes"!
  9. Or "birkin"... Sounded like bacon! LOL
  10. "hermes" should be typed as "Hermès" to get the right pronounciation. :P
  11. I just bookmarked this translation site. Thank you allanrvj!
  12. OMG...Thnx Allanrvj &VaniallaSkye...So helpful!!! I love the 'live' pronunciation guide...so cool :urock:
  13. This is BRILLIANT, especially for french dummies like me! thank you so much allan, you are a doll!!!
  14. Thanks Allan! A very very useful resource, we should actually make this thread stick! :biggrin:
  15. wow...it works thanks! I get so freakin' tongue twisted with these Frence words! THANKS!:tup: