Picotin, oui ou non?

  1. i had my first "picotin in action" sighting the other day and even though pictures of this bag have never really captured my fancy, i have to say now i can't stop thinking about it. i've never handled one in person and wonder what you guys think about it. my husband found it blah boring but i think it might be a good everyday bag. i'd like to hear opinions about size, leather, color, practicality, etc. pictures of it being carried would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Calling Crochetbella...it looks great on her!
  3. If you get one, don't get the small one. I made the mistake of getting the smallest size and I regret it. I think it looks particularly nice in blue jean togo which is what I have. As well as other nice, bright colors.
  4. I love looking at crochetbella's pics of the picotin on her. She makes it look like a great bag!
  5. I think it's darling! My favorite size is the MM.
  6. I agree!:yes:
  7. I love my Picotin. I do have the PM in Thallasa Clemence. It's very slouchy, but a fun bag to have. You can hang all sorts of neat stuff from them too. ( scarves, cadenas, keychains).

    They're fun bags!

    I'm looking towards getting another Picotin in Barenia in MM if I ever find one.
  8. so there are 3 sizes (PM, MM, GM)? anyone have the dimensions handy?
  9. I don't have dimensions but for me the PM was too small, the MM just right and the GM can be carried on the shoulder! I ordered the MM in brighton blue and I can not wait!!

    Good luck -- I know there are some on the Hermes in Action pages.
  10. thanks for the head's up. i checked them out and found pics of only 3 picotins and of the 3, 2 were the PM which i think is too small for me. has anyone ever seen the largest size?
  11. i love barenia in anything. i found this on eBay (unfortunately, it has been sold):

  12. I :heart: The Picotin! CB Looks So Fabulous With Hers. NG ~ I Love Your BJ As Well!!!
  13. :shame: Awww thanks everyone!!!! *hugs* I say a resounding OUI!!! I love my picotin! Even the PM size can hold a lot. It's fun to carry and gives you a great excuse to buy more pocket squares/scarves! :yahoo:
  14. I saw CB and her picotin last weekend! They looked wonderful together!!
  15. ohh!! they're so cute!!