Picotin MM

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  1. hello

    how does the price of the picotin MM compared to the birkins?

  2. It's less, MUCH less!
    Different style bag, different amount of work to make.
  3. I have a MM Gold Picotin coming next week cost is around £1230 pounds, I really feel these great bags are a great price.
  4. so what would it retail at?? im thinking of it as a casual bag that i dont need to worry much about.....
  5. oh thankyou lady jane
  6. does anyone have any pics of the picotin interior?????
  7. No comparison, in terms of price or style... IMO. As a reference point, the Picotin GM is like USD 2775 so the MM is probably a couple hundred less..? Birkin, you're talking
    USD8K+. There are threads here with current pricing for just about all the bags. Try a search using the key words. Hope this was helpful...
  8. there is an "ode to the picotin" thread in the clubhouse and a "picotin party" thread. you can try those. there are probably separate reveal threads too. the inside however is not lined. it looks the the backside of a piece of leather. not sloppy, of course, but its nothing special either.
  9. It's a great bag, I just bought my first MM a few weeks ago. I already had a TPM which I found always very cute but bit unpractical because of it's size. However the MM is such a versatile bag! I'll try to post pictures of me carrying it tomorrow. It's very light to carry and looks great worn with casual summer dresses, shorts, jeans, to the beach... It was less than 2000 €, I can also check that exactly by tomorrow.
  10. mine is the PM model~ this is the interior pic I took a few months back.... Hope this helps~ the rose shocking is chevre and the ebene is clemence, as you can see the clemence is much thicker than chevre...


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  11. The picotin MM is an AWESOME bag! I use mine all the time. So cute and casual, but still H and holds much more than you would think! So comfortable on the arm, too. I think EVERYONE should own one! LOL!
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    IMO, no comparison in terms of price and style at all.
    Just saw one bi-colour (ebene (box?)/shocking rose(clemence)) in Heathrow airport, cost just slightly above £700 only!! Good price, right?!
  13. the SA told me yest, the new Picontin will have a clasp. But they wouldn't be bring in for Singapore as it has no much demand for tis bag design. :s

    anybody has the picotin w clasp? :search:
  14. Do you mean the clasp that Boo has on her bags in the pics above? The only thing that puts me off is that they are somewhat open - if only there was some sort of flap.

  15. i am not sure, but from description seems like it. I have not see one IRL.
    Jadiete doing some H shopping at DFS H now, she said there's a PM etoupe picotin with the clasp, but steep, SGD3,250. I am asking her to try to spy a pic for me :graucho: