Picotin (MM) or All Leather Garden Party (36cm)?

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Picotin (MM) or All Leather Garden Party (36cm)?

  1. MM Picotin all the way!

  2. Nothing but an All Leather Garden Party (36cm)!

  3. Both bags are great so buy both!

  4. Skip both and save up for a Kelly!

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  1. Hello,

    Would appreciate if anyone would like to help with my current

    I am thinking of either buying a picotin in a MM size or the All leather garden party in the 36cm.

    Aside from the fact that both bags are open on top and have short handles, they both give off different vibes...

    I personally think the picotin is better in a bright pop of colour and more suitable for casual occasions. However, the all leather garden party in say black is more verstile as it can be carried to the office and/or for use during casual occasions. I think the garden party can probably carry more as compared to a picotin and pricewise the picotin in MM is more expensive and more elusive to find than the garden party. But...the picotin is darn cute too!

    So my dilemma is both bags are calling for me, but my darn wallet says ONLY ONE!

    So ladies and gentlemen, if you could only have one, which one will it be?


  2. I would choose the picotin first and save up for the garden party. But that's because I like it more.

    Functionality would come into play and you need to factor in what you would use the most and which would be a practical long-term bag for your lifestyle.
  3. I think the Pico looks cuter, younger and fresher. Both are casual bags but I think the GP l gives off a more matronly vibe. So I vote Pico!
  4. All leather GP or the Kelly.
  5. Skip both and go for a Kelly...

    or if you really need a bag now, the all leather GP.
  6. I choose gp
    I like structure bag
    I dont like to dig for my stuffs when they are needed esp I m in hurry lol
    I agree picotin is darn cute but I prefer in pm cuter lol
  7. I have both, I use the GP as my everyday workhorse. The Pico is a much squarer bag and I find it more awkward to carry, I am thinking of getting the pm to get around this though as I do like the look of it. Both hold lots of stuff, GP is lighter though. Have you thought of getting the GP in toile/leather for everyday and a PM Pico in a pop colour?
  8. Both bags are great but the GP are a better workhorse. The pico is a lovely bag but it's hard to find things in it and it's to "open" for me. I use mine when I have a small cross body to hold my wallet, phone and keys. So, I wote for the GP but the Kelly is always the dream bag so why don't you save upp for one after the GP and pico :yahoo:

  9. This :smile:
  10. Depends on how much you plan to carry in your bag. I always feel that Picotin, being unlined, is more of a day-to-day handbag. Personally I'd be too afraid to put too many heavy things inside for fear it'll stretch (I do have friends that load theirs and it's fine). GP on the other hand is a tote so it's more sturdy. I've come to a conclusion that no one H bag meets all my needs so may be it's just a matter of which one you want to get first because it's likely you'll get another one down the road. ;)
  11. I hv both, a MM picotin in bougainvillea and new GP in anemone. Picotin is so easy and comfortable to carry on my arm, and it's a very chic look. GP shoulder strap tends to fall off my slopping shoulder and it feels heavier than my picotin. It carries more than picotin and easy to get in and out. Both are casual chic.

    If i have to choose one, picotin MM in bright intense color of your choice. Best of luck deciding !
  12. Between Picotin and GP, hands down the GP. Between GP or Picotin and a Kelly, of course a Kelly! :biggrin:
  13. I agree.
  14. Hi Sophiac! I don't think you will make a mistake with either bag. They are both gorgeous, but both have a different "vibe." Pico is slouchy and casual, while GP is more formal and tailored.

    How do you anticipate wearing/using either bag? Do you need something versatile, as you mention the black GP, or would prefer a bag that is more fun?

    I believe bright colours can be versatile too. If you see both bags in your future, maybe you should buy the one that is harder to get while it is available.
  15. I think you should get the Picotin MM. I think the design is more unique and fun. You can always get the GP at a later time, but from what I understand, the Picotin in the MM size is hard to come by. Good luck on your search, and can't wait for your reveal!