Picotin, mini-xx, Paris-Bombay or pass?

  1. Right now, I have a stash of $ that's litteraly burning a hole through my pocket. I'm trying to remain reasonable (yeah, right) and decide on ONE expensive bag only.:nuts:

    I'd like some help choosing between :wondering:

    Picotin PM in white/turquoise
    Mini-rugby (it's a small "saddle" type bag) in dark brown leather
    Mini-plume in white
    Paris-Bombay PM in white

    Or should I pass on that and get another Chloe? :wacko: I curse my lack of a rich husband (or a super high-powered, high-paying job instead of my normal one).
  2. the question here is do you already have a kelly or birkin or bolide or plume? if not i personally would go for one of those instead of the ones you mentioned. oh and no burning money on chloé for me ;)
  3. I don't have any serious Hermes bags. For some strange reason, I am not into a Birkin or a Kelly.

    Have a few accessories, lots of carré and a twilly (currently residing on my head) but want to invest in some serious leather.
  4. oh i see. so then i would go for the picotin or the paris bombay :flowers:
  5. I like either the Picotin or the Paris-Bombay. The Picotin is a lot more casual, so I guess it depends what you're looking for.
  6. LOve the Paris Bombay...that's my choice!
  7. Right, just back from the H store nearest to my office (couldn't find a reason to schlep over to the one on Faubourg) and had a little twirl with the following:

    Picotin in Blue Jean, White
    Mini-plume in Blue Jean
    Paris-Bombay in White
    Bearn wallet
    another wallet with a big silver button

    The Picotin in white was dissapointing, although I wish there had been a bicolore blue/white. The blue was absolutely gorgeous.
    Mini-plume was a dream but alas, I'm not in the mood for a more structured bag.
    Paris-Bombay was too formal in black and didn't appeal to me. I wish I had been able to try a white.
    Wallets were dissapointing (I had another shape in mind)

    So far, the BJ Picotin will be my new baggie :biggrin: More on that later.
  8. A bluejean Picotin sounds gorgeous. Post pics if you get it:graucho: .
  9. My vote is a Blue Jean Picotin mm or hunt for a Paris Bombay in white.
    I say nah to Chloe, also. :smile:
  10. Yes..Paris Bombay in white!!!! It's a beautiful and practicl bag.
    Picotine is really cute as well. But I am a big picky with the opening on top. :flowers:
  11. I vote for the Picotin or P-B. But I want the P-B in orange. :love:
  12. The thing is, I like the idea of the white P-B but when I tried the black, the SA said it made me look older. I tend to gravitate around casual clothing or dress down corp stuff with a less structured bag.
  13. From the way you describe yourself, I would go for the Picotin; maybe you could have a look what the Faubourg has aswell before you decide..?!;)
  14. First off, chosing Hermes over Chloe is a great idea....chosing quality over quantity is always a good idea!!!! So....if you have some $$$ burning a hole in your pocket and you are decided on Hermes (yaaay!) then I'd say wait for exactly the right bag to strike you when you see it. You don't necessarily have to buy any of the ones you already mentioned because Hermes makes so many lovely, lovely bags. How about the Trim? Or the Bolide in 28cm and togo leather....nice and soft and casual but chic. Take your time and buy only the right bag for you and you will NEVER regret spending your money on Hermes.
  15. Will you hate me if I say that I don't like the Bolide? :sad:

    I'm going out to another Hermes store right now and I'll see what's there. Still have to see mini-rugby :biggrin: