Picotin lovers, don't you wish....

  1. Tonight while waiting to be seated in P.F. Chang on Westheimer in the Galleria area, I was looking through the holiday circulars of the nearby retailers. I discovered this beautiful handbag by YSL. It is called the NM exclusive ostrich Capri handbag, and it favors the Picotin. Don't you wish the Picotin was available in ostrich? I do....The photo is not great, but this bag was TDF. BTW, the bag is $6495 USD.
  2. ooh that's pretty.

    i totally thought i was going to open this thread and it was going to be a reveal and it would say "your picotin was hot like mine..." sorry. i am a little punchy.
  3. I think that I would love a picotin in a bronzey metallic colour...it would be so amazing and hot!!!
  4. Oh but I do coleigh (obviously a sucker for Picotin). I was just thinking about Picotin's in exotics and came to this conclusion: it might be just a matter of time:idea:. Imagine Raisin Ostrich with a nice patina...OK, I goota snap out of this Picotin "thing" I developed lately :noggin:. It is so unlike me :hysteric:.
    P.S.: But ostrich would be so lovely. I'm even afraid to think about the croc....
  5. I agree with your "picotin love", Aminamina! I've been dreaming of an etoupe one for a long time now.