Picotin Leather Question

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  1. Hello All!:biggrin: I've finally gotten the nerve to post my 1st thread! I'm newer and I have been reading and researching and drooling over new and older threads; plus I have been in the reference threads too. I have really learned alot! But I can't recall reading anything about the question I have. Pretty soon (I pray) I will be able to get my 1st Hermes bag - a picotin. Since I can no longer search - at least I have not been able to locate the (new?) search button; I was wondering what leathers the picotin comes in. For example I know about clemence, togo and barenia (sp). Does it come in other leathers w/o having to request a special order? Thank you!:tup:
  2. I have one in suede:smile:
  3. There are also Picotins in vibrato

  4. Thanks H&H! Has your suede bag held up well?

  5. Thanks Roxane! Vibrato is one I will have to see IRL. Hopefully, they will have one in the store.
  6. Mine is in Epsom. It is the PM size.

    Welcome to this forum. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Everyone loves to answer them.
  7. Yes very well... meaning it isn't mou... Suede actually is very simple to maintain.. It comes with a little scrubstone and if spot appear you scrub it and away it is :smile:...

    Oh and welcome :smile: (where are my manners) and please ask as many questions as you want:smile:
  8. I hear vibrato is discontinued? I have seen various barenia and clemence ones in stores recently.

  9. Thank you duchessofs you are kind! How has your bag held up? Is she fagile? Will she blister if she gets wet? My bag will be my workhorse and I need her looking good for awhile, cause I won't be able to get my bolide until 2010.

    By the way, your bags are beautiful!
  10. Thank you H&H! I was the rude one and not you, I been lurking around since Nov. and have not yet (formally) introduced myself. That's good info about your suede bag...I'm considering a suede one now...Thank you.
  11. Clemence is a good leather for a workhorse bag. It does well in the rain. What color and size are you interested in?
  12. Thank you Roxane. If I'm correctly recalling, the vibrato was a bit fagile. I'm now considering suede, clemence, togo and barenia.
  13. O you are not rude... just shy :smile: just go to the store and try different ones on... you also have barenia... lovely
  14. Jancetdif, My bag has not been used much so far. I will be using it more over the next several months. Epsom is a pretty scratch resistant leather and I am quite fond of it. Many members think it looks somewhat like plastic;but it is very much like my chevre(goat items). It is stiff and holds it shape. I think that a Picotin also looks good in a more relaxed leather.
    I am one of those people who prefer a more structured bag.
    Epsom is not for everyone. I am very careless and casual with my bags,so Epsom works for me. I just ordered a Rouge Garance Epsom Bolide;that I hope is accepted as a podium order.
  15. Hi, I have the mm in a orange clemence. I have used it as an everyday bag and on trips over seas. The leather is great. I a picotin makes a great first Hermes purchase. Please post pics when you get it!