Picotin, Garden Party, VF, Lindy..please..thoughts for...a Diaper Bag!!!

  1. Hi (again:flowers:), everyone~! I have been SOOO CRAZY shopping Hermes nowadays..(even crazier than normally I am..almost living at Hermes:p & talking my SA nearly everyday:lol:)

    My SA & I (MAN!!! My SA is really outrageously GOOD!!!:heart:) could make easy decisions on everything with some of my DH's advice. But none of us could make a decision on ONE thing...DIAPER BAG!

    I know some of members here use VF for a diaper bag. VF looks so chic and convinient for a diaper bag. But my SA also recommend Lindy in bigger size (34cm?) or Garden Party...and also picotin in MM or GM.

    All of these choices sound good to me! I need some advice a big time:sweatdrop:! I really have no idea which I prefer...all of them look & sound good..:upsidedown:

    Would you please help me? Thanks!:love:
  2. aspenmartial, OK, I have to ask! Is there a big sibling on the way for your adorable daughter (advance apologies if I am mistaken...)

    If for you, a matte croc Lindy!!! :yahoo:
  3. is this a wonderful christmas annoucement about a lil one on the way???
  4. :graucho:
  5. I have a girl and a boy...and yes! Another one(our 3rd) is on the way:flowers::sweatdrop:.
  6. congrats, aspen!

    my victoria works fine with me but i agree, a croc 34 lindy is perfect for you, chic mom!
  7. Congratulations :choochoo:, aspen:flowers:!

    Diaper bag ... wow. Tough choice.
  8. congrats my dear! what about a special designed bag for you ? name her after the newborn. truly special that is what i would do and darling congrats and all the best to you and your loved ones :heart:
  9. I like that!! :tup::lol:

    Congratulations!! Which bag do you prefer? or you like all?
  10. Congrats Aspen!! I would go for a victoria!x
  11. ^^I like that, too :drinkup::woot:
    Too bad I can't help you with the kinds stuff (I am positive your great SA will be at help!), but I am so happy for you, aspenmartial on this special ocassion :heart:
  12. Aspen, this exciting news! Personally, I would want something that my DH would carry on occasion so, perhaps a matte croc lindy would be suitable? I must say that Pazt's Victoria had me at "hello" especially with the color and all of the little pouches she located!

    Best wishes & congratulations to you & your dear family!
  13. ME TOO!!! A HEARTY Congratulations!!!!!! and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!:yahoo:
  14. What great news! Congrats, AM!! I also think a matte croc Lindy would make a great diaper bag.
  15. Thank you so much~!:love: You guys are just wonderful & sweet!:flowers:

    Kkkkk...hehehee..actually I thought about croc. Lindy...heehehe...it is very tempting, but my DH would literally faint if I put diapers, milk & juice bottles (there is a chance bottles might leak/spill:wtf:), baby shoes, clothes to wipe the baby..etc. into $21000 bag...:sweatdrop::upsidedown: