Picotin Expert pls read

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  1. To whom that know Picotin well (Clemence)

    Have you (or if you know of) ever fold/collapse a Picotin into a carry-on luggage so you can take more than 1 bag while traveling?

    I'm going away for a few weeks I can't take just 1 handbag (really can't). So I am thinking carry 1 with me and collapse my Picotin into my carry-on luggage. However I'm not sure if the leather will get damage if I do collapse it for a few hours in a carry-on.

    I'm tore and not able to decide of taking just 1 bag.

    Help me think of a way to take 2 handbags on my trip PLEASE.

    Thanks so much.
  2. Yes, you can. When I travel I collapse my Picotin MM In Clemence, my Massai PM in Clemence and my Evelyne PM in Clemence into my Louis Vuitton Keep All 50. I fly long flights of 6 hours and the bags are fine.

  3. Sumgirl, I don't have a picotin but one way could perhaps be to fill it with rolled items of clothing and put it in its sleeper before putting it in your carry-on? I've tried this with other leather bags and it has helped avoid damage to the leather. Just an idea of course!
  4. RileyGirl: I am amazed to hear you said you managed all 3 bags u mentioned into a LV KP 50. I need to learn such skill for sure :smile:. Did you just collapse it and put in its sleeper and that was all to it?Nothing to protect corners or where being bent but just inside its sleeper?

    LittleH: I thought of doing that but I also thought if I fill it up with clothing & stuff it will take alot of room and I don't have that much room in my carry-on *sigh*. Thanks for your tip however.

    Thanks all.
  5. I do what Little H do as well. Normally instead of collapsing bags, I try to put other things into it to fill it up. And if multiple bags of different sizes, I'll put them inside one another. Basically try to fill empty items with things instead of trying to squash them.

    If you don't have that much room, perhaps just partially collapse it? At least fill it with a some soft things so it doesn't get squashed.
  6. Sumgirl, have you considered filling your Picotin with things you would be carying anyway, and then tucking it into you carry-on?
  7. Yes, (I travelled with evelynes, picotins and jige pm clutches, but I would rather put the extra bag in hand carry
  8. This is what I do too. :tup:
  9. mine's in barenia and it was folded and stuffed into a hand carry travel bag (DH's) with my GP and kelly placed inside the GP. i wanted to stuff it with a shawl but we really had no available space. i had it in its dustbag though.
  10. One note of caution - if you fill your picotin and then put it in another bag, make sure you watch out the for 4 little metal feet on your picotin not making an indentation on the bag you are carrying it in. Because it happened to me..... my picotin traveled in my HAC and by the time I flew home from Paris, my HAC had 4 little rounded foot print looking press marks:crybaby::crybaby:
  11. Boo1689: how did you get ur picotin to fit inside a HAC. How big is HAC and how small is ur Picotin?

    Loves: How did you folded/stuffed a picotin & GP & a Kelly into a hand travel carry bag? How big is DH's hand carry bag?

    880: What hand carry bag do you used to fit all that handbags in?

    I tried to stuff it into a carry-on wheels luggage and honestly there isn't much room for anything else after the Picotin & a light jkt. Even so, I had to fold the Picotin a little bit. I think the round bottom is harder to just collapse and slide away. I need some packing skill. Someone pls teach me!

    Thanks everyone for your post. Appreciate each post equally.
  12. Sorry to hear that Boo... Did the marks go away? Also, thanks so much for the tip. Didn't think abt this!
  13. I've done that with my MM clemence picotin - collapsed and packed into my carry-on, no damage.
  14. So sorry boo.

    I hate checking luggage and I hate overpacking. I usually travel lightly. I can fit two weeks worth in a prada porc bag that looks like a large travel bolide (this was before I knew what a bolide was) and a longchamp pliage. I have had no problem collapsing my clemence picotin mm and/or evelyne and/or jige(s) inside either.
  15. Sumgirl--My Keep all is for bags and change of clothes only. I also carry an LV Damier NF as my hand bag and all my other things go in there.

    I know loves said she packed her barenia picotin but I am not that brave. Clemence or my Canvas Garden party, that's it.