Picotin Comparison *modelling photos*

  1. Just wanted to post these for a size comparison - same person, same style, different sizes - just keep in mind I'm a bit "rounder" than I used to be! This way you might get a better idea of how the different sizes wear.

    I am 5'5" with flats.

    Mods, if this is in the wrong place - please move this post and I apologize in advance!:shame:

    Picotin GM - hand carried, shoulder carried, on the floor for height comparison and just being silly!



    Picotin MM - on crook of arm and shoulder carried.

    Picotin PM - hand carried
  2. You are so cute!

    So which size do you prefer? Is the GM comfortable when shoudered?
  3. OK, not to sound crazy but ALL OF THEM! :p For different occasions, they all work well. Today, I had about a million errands to do and the GM worked fabulously well. I love it on my shoulder and hand carried. The MM, too. The PM is just so fun for going for a quick errand, the movies, light shopping,etc.

    I'm one of those people that loved the Picotin from the beginning. I just love how simple, modern, and casual it is!
  4. This is a great idea! I love the Picotin and feel it's an underrated bag.
  5. How adorable!!! I REALLY love the vert anis... it is so smooshy looking and totally yummy!!!

    I have not spent much time looking at the Picotin but is it totally open at the top?
  6. It is except for a strap up top that can be looped through the hardware to sort of cinch the top. I find that just doing that really helps to keep things from accidentally falling out.
  7. I completely agree. :yes:
  8. A,

    Thank you so much!!!

    So how comfortable is the GM as a shoulder bag compared to the MM?

    I can't tell on the GMs photo how the bag fits under the arm...

    Oh and you look great too!!!! Clothes still fitting?:heart:
  9. This was a great thread...we have had nothing like it before. Perfect!
  10. Oh, the GM fits quite comfortably under the shoulder. I have about 2 inches clearance even with a sweater coat.

    Oh, and as for clothes, NOPE! I'm in all maternity now - I can't believe it. I see enormity in my future! LOL!:p
  11. wow! Thanks so much for the photos. I never realized that the picotin can be shoulder carried!!! I especially love your vert anis.

    OK, add that to my list to buy...:yes:
  12. As a fellow Picotin fan I LOVE this thread!!! Thanks for the pics. You are so cute!!!
    I have the PM and would love to get a GM someday. And an MM...
    I really want a Rouge H or Potiron one next...Yum! :heart:
  13. Thanks Authenticlux for the comparision pics:tup:

    I may have found my orange bag:p
  14. Awww look at that lil' belly!
  15. Adorable Picotin collection, AuthenticLux. :smile: