Picotin black edges around opening cracked on new bag

  1. Picotin owners: Have any of you noticed the black edges on the opening on your bags having cracks in them? My new bag already has several.
  2. So did mine, almost immediately. It's the grain coming through the resin that they use to finish the edging. This can happen with any grained leather, but because the Picotin is so flexible it is more pronounced and happens more quickly. I've learned to enjoy the bag and live with it. When it comes time for her to go into the shop, I'll make sure to point it out to Claude. But this is to be expected.
  3. I just bought the bag and received it on Friday. Do you think I should contact the store and ask if Claude can add resin to the edges? This bag had been there for a couple of years. I assume in storage.
  4. It wouldn't hurt to ask. But if I know Claude, he'll look at the bag, flip it around, and say it's okay. The problem is that even if he adds resin, it will crack anyway. And if you add too much resin, the bag may not be as flexible, which is what it's known for.
  5. Thanks, it sounds like the resin is mainly a cosmetic addition which doesn't have anything to do with the durability of the bag. Do you agree?
  6. ^^Yes.