Picotin Bag Leather combinations

  1. In some recent searching, I've heard about picotins now coming in bicolor combinations.

    Has anyone seen one of these IRL? How does the combinations work?

    I know picotins have come with the underside of the handle a different color, but I think this is different...

    Is one side of the bag one color and the other side a diferent color. Is the bag one color and the "banded" leather a different color?

    Anyone have more information than I have?

  2. Quinn's Mom wrote:

    Is one side of the bag one color and the other side a diferent color.

    This is what the SA told me when I was phoning about my Picotin - have not seen one, however, so can't confirm absolutely.
  3. QM- I saw one in the window of the San Francisco H store the other day...sad to say..i did not remember the exact color combo (?orange and ??), but one side was color A with a color B on the other side. Also the piping along the edge was also the opposing color. hope that made sense...
  4. Thanks Katel and Potiron.

    It made sense. The bags do not sound too pretty. So even if it is bicolor, the bag is more one color than the other since the piping...or strip of leather..or whatever... that holds the two sides together would be one color and not the other....would be nicer if th bag was one color and the strip of leather was another.


    What did you think of the bag you saw?
  5. Honestly...a little too busy for me. I love Katel's pictotin's bicolor style much more. It seems to be a more subtle surprise splash of color in the inside.

  6. Why, thank you, potiron :love:
  7. Potiron, I prefer your beautiful color combo, but I have to admit, the little "Lilly Pulitzer" pink and green picotin I saw in Florida was very very tempting.

    I just had my mind on scarves and other H that day and it just didn't come home with me.
  8. Agree with Potiron. I've seen orange pink and turquoise/chartreuse, and they are way too busy with the 1/2 and 1/2 layout. To me, they look like scraps put together to form a bag.
    Katel's combination, however, with the second color on the inside, is quite lovely.:yes:
  9. Not a huge fan of the bi-colour scheme you guys seem to be talking about. A contrasting interiour (especially something unexpected and fun!) might be nice, but I am not crazy about being so mindful of which colour is facing out, expecially if the bag twists.

    I may be being too picky - DH has remarked on that once or twice! :shame:
  10. My picotin is white clemence with contrasting turquoise chevre trim. Because it's white, the turquoise trim inside the handles keeps it clean - and the bright pop of color is perfect for summer. The turquoise piping along the bottom is barely noticeable.
  11. Now this is interesting! I'm a fan of these bi-color schizophrenic Picotins. And I consider myself extremely boring when it comes to color choices with bags. However, since it's a blast of color, I recommend the Picotin PM because it just doesn't scream at you.