Picotin 22 Color 2017! Help

  1. Hi, I need help!

    I would like to purchase a Picotin 22 to wear as an "everyday" bag. I already have a B30 black with palladium hardware, togo & a K28 in epsom, etain with palladium hardware & Evelyn in etaupe. So I have very classic colors in my Hermes collection...and I have mainly neutrals in the rest of bag collection. I love jewel tones and pinks.

    Can someone advise me on color?? I was hoping for Sakura, but does this color still exist? Also, I'm 5"7, medium build. Will the Picotin 22 be too small or will it be ok? :panic: I've been reading TPF and Pursebop, and now I'm overwhelmed lol.

    Thanks :lol:
  2. try rouge grenat which i consider a neutral red
  3. The current pink in production for 2017 is Rose Azalée.
  4. What about Rouge Casaque? It's a great classic red and looks great in Picotin
  5. We are at the same height and I had Picotin 22 (sold it to fund another bag). I found it was not too small for my height and flame. The bag can fit the same as K28 or more. As periogirl28 said, the only pink in production in 2017 is Rose azalee (same as my avatar). I think for everyday use I would probably go for Blue agate, Rouge grenat or Malachite.

    Good luck deciding.
  6. Picotin (18) is my everyday bag, I would go for a red or a green. Mine is Blue Paon, but Malachite or Rouge Casague or even Rouge Tomate would be so gorgeous. Good luck deciding.