Picnics - are they outdated?

  1. I hope it's not outdated, because then I'd be extremely outdated :p
    I just went on a picnic with my family on Sunday, we drove out to the hills and found a nice green spot, had lunch then a wander and then home we went. I'm the eldest of the four kids (we range from 16-22) and we all still really enjoy it... my friends and I try and do it during our holidays too, it's one of my favourite activities :biggrin:

    Our last picnic I did with my friends is one of my favourite memories... 'old school' activities are the best!
  2. DH and I have one on a pretty day once a year or so. We got a great picnic basket with china and glassware as a wedding gift. The important part is the bottle of wine!
  3. We do it! mostly in spring through, we love making sandwiches and bringing them out to the park to eat.
  4. We don't get to do it frequently as a couple, but it's so fun. Blanket, wine, nice weather. And this is what I was going to say, there's some adorable baskets out there these days.
  5. DH and I are having a picnic together on Saturday before we go to a local zoo. I love dates with the hubby :smile:
  6. A picnic can be a simple way to have a really good time, if you plan it to honor your guest. Pack a good wine (or their favorite beverage), use nice napkins, include their favorite nosh. A cool vintage picnic basket is nice too. just be sure to include the corkscrew/bottle opener and the utensils!
  7. Outdated? No way. Picnics are awesome. My boy and I go every once in a while. It's so relaxing and fun being in each others' company. One thing I do hate about picnics, though, is packing the food. I struggle choosing what food to bring along! :/
  8. No way. I love a picnic,.planned or impromptu. It is a back to the basics and gives you a chance to reconnect.
  9. I like picnics, I try if I can to picnic with my dogs. They enjoy it too.
  10. I go on picnics all the time mainly in the early spring and fall because it's way to hot to in the summer here. I either go with my DH or with my sisters, its so much fun to hang out outside and enjoy the weather and great conversation too!
  11. No, I don't think they are outdated. Once in a while, my daughter and I will prepare food and get out some towels and have a picnic in the back yard.
  12. Nope. Just had one on Tuesday as a matter of fact.
  13. Definately not, there's a romance about them that i love, and even if it's a family one there's such a fun, laid back feel to them that makes you want to stay there forever.
    Clearly you have to have had a nice setting !
  14. No - but some sunny weather (:rain::sad::nogood:) would help!!!!:graucho:
  15. My family and I always used to go swimming at an outdoor pool and finish up with a picnic in the park nearby-I miss those days!

    DBF and I live right across the street from a very large park-we picked up a picnic set from a cafe one day, put a couple of beach blankets down, and had a picnic. It was so nice! Now that we have our dog, I hope to do this more in the summer.