Picnics - are they outdated?

  1. I'm not talking disposable BBQs here, I'm talking sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, cold meats, prepared fruits/cakes etc. Does anybody do this anymore? When I was young my family, perhaps with another family, would plan and prepare for a picnic - and this usually involved driving somewhere and having a long walk and then loads of 'outdoor food'. I've a sneeking suspicion they were trying to knacker us kids out for most of the time:biggrin:, but having a picnic made it all feel a bit more exciting somehow.

    Anyway, I haven't done it or heard about it for manys a year and was just wondering if anybody still did it?
  2. I saw a family try it at a dog park a few years ago. Blanket on the ground, dogs all around, BIG MISTAKE!

    They packed up quickly after being swarmed by about 10 dogs.
  3. I have not seen anyone having a picnic in a while. I wouldn't mind having a picnic on a nice day.
  4. Once in a while our family and some friends would go I a park and bring food or have a BBQ.
  5. Hubby and I, along with my sister, have a picnic every so often, so yeah we still do it. We only pack a few things in the basket like red wine and sandwiches and cakes, and we sit on our picnic mat by the lake or on the beach and enjoy it. It's a rather pleasant way to spend an afternoon outdoors on a nice sunny day.
  6. I don't think they're outdated at all. In the warmer months I love to go on picnics with my SO,and I go with my friends pretty often too. It's a nice way to spend an afternoon. We grab lunch to go from our fav lunch spot (or I make a light lunch) and spend the day in the park playing card games or just relaxing and talking. It's always fun.
  7. I like picnics in the forest or on the beach :smile:
  8. Man we picnic all the time!! Sometimes in the backyard on a hot day, or even on the highest hill at the farmers market (we will bring some food in addition to enjoying some goodies from the farm). I love busting out the blanket, the snacks, laying on the blanket, reading a good book, and soaking up the sun. Sometime, we do indoor picnics near the fireplace. It really is so much fun. I probably do it one a week during the warmer months!!
  9. Picnics are not outdated. The area we live in is quite rural and it's nice to be able to pack some lunch and a blanket walk/hike somewhere and have a meal in the great outdoors. It's a great (and low cost) way to occupy kids during the summer I much prefer it to taking kids to the mall which is what some of my friends do.

    You ARE right Cornflower Blue. Your parents were trying to knacker you out, and a picnic is an excellent way to do it...as an added bonus making the kids carry picnic stuff also helps.
  10. I definitely do...especially on vacation. a picnic is so fun!
  11. After reading your replies I feel quite fired up tbh! (lol at the dog park!:lol:) It does indeed sound a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon with friends and/or family and tiring out any kids is an added bonus!:biggrin:

    As Spring gets sprung I'm sorely tempted to plan one, although slightly cautious, having a 14 year old DS who could either dig his heels in and be just plain awkward (known as being 'thran' here in Northern Ireland), or somehow get carried away and want to go for the full Bear Grylis experience...:p

    I'm so glad picnics are still happening!:smile:
  12. Picnic's are wonderful, esp with young kids, fresh air, food and when you get to catch up with friends and see random stuff like on my last picnic - saw one of the original cars from the Mad Max movie! (think it was called Road Warrior in the US). So unexpected and great for a car fan like me!
  13. Never had one.. does sound like something fun that I do want to try.. just no idea where I could possibly have one where I live.. ><
  14. could you make it a day trip and drive to a suitable place not too far away?
  15. My boyfriend and I still picnic when the weather is nice. It think it is so romantic! :cloud9: