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  1. Has anyone ever heard or purchased anything from pickyourclothing?
    They have gucci wallets and Chanel flats.
    All I know is that my cousin ordered a Gucci wallet, so he went to the gucci botique and authenticated the wallet.
  2. I just had a look and all I can say is FAKE!!!! You can't get new Chanel shoes for $59.99 and Louis Vuitton wallets for $19.
  3. the price is always a dead give away
  4. Is that site even safe to buy from?
    Yeah it's a dead give away that everything is fake, but for some people who can't afford high end designs those prices are right up their alley. Not everyone in this economy can afford a $1,000 bag.
    I don't know I think that site just seem's too good to be true, there has to be some catch other than that their all fake.