Picky Eaters ? Do Your Kids Get It From You ?

  1. Thats definately my house! I usually make something different for my 10 year old. I should try incorporating veggies in recipes but I bet she'd notice. She's fussy!
  2. guilty! luckily my husband is really good at getting my son to eat certain kinds of food. i am the pickiest eater i know and i so don't want him to be like me!
  3. I thought about getting my aunt those cookbooks that have recipes to trick your kids by adding veggies into sweets. The Sneaky Chef or Deceptively Delicious. Her 3 year old is really picky. He only eats a few things. But then I thought, wont this just teach him that sweets are ok to eat in place of those healthy foods? I guess its ok as long as you still teach them healthy eating habits. It'll get the veggies into their system right now, but it doesnt seem to be a practical long term solution.

    Dr. Oz on Oprah said that their is a medical reason why kids dont like veggies. They have a lot more taste buds than adults. Children taste the bitterness of veggies in a much more intense way. Back when people use to pick their food, there was a danger in eating something poisonous. Children are so attracted to sweet foods because sweet was safe. Thus, there is a survival reason to children having so many taste buds and being attracted to sweets.

    Good luck with your kids!
  4. My rule with Nicole (my cousin) when she's at our house is that she has to at least try something. If she doesn't like it after trying it, then that's fine but she has to at least try it. A majority of the time she surprises herself and actually likes it!
  5. I do the same thing. My daughter will say she doesn't like it and hasn't even tried. Sometimes she'll spit it out, others she'll find she does like! It doesn't help that my husband does the grocery shopping and is always bringing home cakes and cookies. He'll actually even show them to her before she's eaten dinner. I get soo mad! He just says I'm just showing it to her, she's going to have it later, UGH!
  6. my son's preschool teacher said that according to experts, a child under the age of 5 has to be offered a new food an average of TEN times before they will try it. geesh, no wonder he won't eat spinach...i give up after the third try LOL! .