Picky about who touches my hair...

  1. I've been going to my hair stylist for the past several years and absolutely love her! I will not let ANYONE else touch my hair. Recently, my schedule has been really bad, so it's hard for me to get appointment with her. The BF thinks I'm nuts, because I would literally rather go months without a haircut than have anyone else do my hair.

    On the other hand, I have friends who are always going to different stylists to try something new, and their hair always looks great.

    What do you do? Same stylist, or try out new ones?
  2. I usually stick to the same one but last time I was very shocked and unhappy with my stylists coloring and cutting :crybaby:
    so I'm off to search for a new one which is frustrating for me.
    so yeah I'm like you :yes:
  3. I hear you. I've had the same stylist for over 15 years and I've followed her around from salon to salon to now coming to my house to cut my hair for the last several years because she has a new fulltime job but still does a few house calls a couple nights a week. I don't need a certain salon...I just prefer the quality of work she does even though it means sweeping up a few hair clippings in my kitchen afterwards.

    my colorist: I go to her salon for that. Not many have colored my hair except for her in the last 15 years

  4. LOL! I followed my stylist from the salon she used to work at to the one she's at now!
  5. if i can find someone i like, i go back. but finding someone is the hard part. before i found my current stylist, it was a new person every few months for two years. SUCH a headache.
  6. I have had the same hair stylist for many years now also (I travel an hour just to see her). I freak out when she is on vacation or some kind of leave. I have had bad hair experiences in the past, so my advice if you find someone stick with them. They are hard to fine.