Picky about where you sit in restaurants?

  1. I admit it, I am the girl who will ask a hostess to change tables if I don't like the one where I'm sitting. And I feel bad for doing it but I can't help myself! I looaaathhheee sitting next to the kitchen where waiters rush in and out constantly and you hear pans and dishes clattering... I also don't like sitting next to service stations. You can say I'm a brat! I deserve it!

    I am wondering if anyone else is this way??? I am not very high maintenance in other areas of my life... but at restaurants, I'm just so picky about tables... I guess everyone has their thing.

    I've never worked in a restaurant so I'm not sure if this is REALLY FROWNED UPON or whatever... usually hostesses seem happy to oblige...

    Anyone else?
  2. fellow brat here:biggrin:

    We try and not sit near the kitchen as it's usually loud, also not near the potties:sick:
  3. I am not very picky. I just prefer a booth over a table.

    My DH hates when he is seated facing a wall. He likes to see some action; either people or a TV, so he usually will want to switch with me.
  4. My boyfriend is the same way! I personally prefer not to sit in a high traffic area where people's butts might be brushing up against me and definitely not near the restrooms!
  5. I'm the same way. I hate sitting "backwards." I have to be facing out towards the restaurant. I'm a total people watcher too, so it usually drives the people I'm eating with insane.

    I can see how it would be annoying, because I hate restaurants with TVs for that reason. When I'm eating with someone and they're staring at a TV the whole time it makes me want to scream ":hysteric:PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!!!!!! " LOL :lol:
  6. ^^ i am one of those people too, I feel uncomfortable if I cant see where the people are coming from. I dont usually make a fuss unless the table is really bad and usually say something before im seated. But I dont like to be near the toilets, or the kitchen as well.
  7. Same here! My DH makes fun of me because of it--he doesn't have a preference, but I definitely do.
  8. I don't like sitting near the kitchen, under an air conditioner (I get really cold) or when I'm at a table, I can't sit with my back to the door. I don't know why, maybe a superstition or something...:upsidedown:

  9. We're the same way!
  10. My only stipulations are that I'm not beside a bathroom, I don't want to be any where near the bar, and I prefer a booth if they are around, as Miss Priss feels the need to sit firmly stick-straight in a chair, as ladies are supposed to, and after a while I just end up hurting my lower back because of it, though I'm fine if it is just SO or my family, then I loosen up a bit and I'm fine. The only time I would ever request a mid-meal move is if the people around me are so loud and disruptive that they are ruining my meal. This has only occurred once, with a bunch of drunk business men and women at a restaurant in downtown Charlotte. Just about killed them.
  11. Same here. Dh hates it. But I cant help it. One day we were waiting for about half and hour when they finally called our names and the hostess gave us a table in the patio area. I hate when my food gets cold and it was a little late and cold so I said I wanted another table, she said well you might need to wait a little longer, didnt care.

    I hate sitting in the patio, next to the kitchen, bathrooms or high tables if available. I rather wait longer and get the table I want so I can enjoy my food, otherwise I will focus on how uncomfortable I feel than how much I like what I am eating at the moment.
  12. Usually a booth in the bar. I love people watching at that is usually the place to be at. Practically everyne I go out with smokes, so that is where we used to have to sit. But now I'm to used to the loud energy and I love it. Must be a booth though......
  13. I'm very picky. I won't sit next to the bar (too much traffic), the kitchen (too much traffic, and noise, and it's usually away from the windows or other seats with good views) and I ESPECIALLY will NOT sit anywhere NEAR the bathroom. Additionally I never eat outside when restaurants have that option; I always eat indoors. The BF and I ALWAYS get a booth, and he always wants to sit on the side next to me (him on the outside), probably so he can sneak in a feel or something. I never see other couples sitting like that, by the way, so I still think it's weird, even after three years with him. And when we sit like that, we refuse to have have our backs to the door. Now, if I'm out with a bigger group, which is not the norm, sitting at a table is just fine. I try not to sit near fans or vents, as I get cold easily and the gusts of cool air tend to make my food get cold before I can eat enough of it. And finally, if I notice small children in the area when the host/ess gives us our booth, I politely ask to be seated elsewhere. I won't take a table if there are small kids nearby, but if the children come in after I'm already seated, I generally won't get up and move, unless there aren't many people in the restaurant, I haven't started eating, or I think the waiter or waitress won't mind.
  14. I like booths better, and preferably one from where I can people-watch freely. I can't stand not to see anyone else!
  15. i never switch tables....even if say, they seat me at a table in the middle of the room and there's a window booth right next to it. i've worked in restaurants so long that i know exactly how much harder the hostess' job becomes, how much less money a waitress in a hard to seat section makes, and how much nastier to the hostess said waitress becomes (depending of course on personality). it's to the point that i can't enjoy my meal if the other person in my party makes us move or even makes a table request. that's probably it's own kind of neurotic. :smile: