Picking up my new kitten tomorrow at 5 pm!

  1. It's a gray striped Siberian. I'm thinking about naming her Muffin or Chloe... So excited! :yahoo: I just need to get a cat carrier before I leave tomorrow (It is a 1 1/2 hour drive to the seller's house)

    Does anyone have a Siberian? Or advice in general for new cats?

    I've bought a cat "tree", a litter box, food/dishes and toys. It was kind of overwhelming at the pet store- I didn't know that there were so many vitamins and supplements, from stuff for joint pain to hairball remedies. Should I be concerned about hairballs? :sweatdrop:
  2. I'm sooooo jealous! I have 3 kitties....each one w/ a distinct personality.
    Mine are all domestic breeds though. I do buy a hairball formula cat food, and I find it really helps. Each kitty is different though. You'll find what works for her. BTW.....I love the name Chloe.
  3. Congratulations! It sounds like you are starting your little baby off just right! All the purchases you made in anticipation of her arrival will make her feel right at home.

    I have two cats, one long-haired and one short-haired and neither have experienced problems with hairballs so I think each cat is different. I have heard that combing and regular grooming is a good way to reduce hairball problems if they occur.

    Lots of luck to you and your kitty! You two are going to be so happy!
  4. Thank you leelee and Anne! I'll try to post pics after I pick her up...
  5. How exciting--bet you can't wait to get your new baby. Sounds like you're ready. Looking forward to pics of her.
  6. Congrats on your new kitty! Wow, I rarely see a Siberian! Must see pics!!! As for all the overwhelming stuff, I know, there are tons of stuff out there! I am a big believer in being educated for your pets. I work in the veterinary medicine world as Registered Veterinary Technician, and yes, the information is overwhelming. You really need to find a good vet and staff whom you can trust. There are so many bad ones out there, too... Where do you live? If you only have cats, I would take her to a feline exclusive hospital. And consider Kitty-K (Kitty kindergarten)! If the class is done right, you will gain very valuable information! Remember, cats are NOT small dogs!!! PM me again if you have any specific questions.
    By the way, it looks like you are off to a good start getting cat tress, litterboxes, food dishes, etc! If she is a kitten, don't worry too much about vitamins and supplements as long as your going to feed her good cat food.
    Don't forget to pick up some toys like CatDancer, too!
  7. Picked Muffin up last night. Here she is!



  8. She's kind of scared though... She has been under the bed since we brought her home, and she hisses if you try to pet her. Is this normal? :sad:
  9. Yes, give her a chance to get used to her new surroundings. Put her food and litterbox near her (in the same room if possible) so she can get at everything she needs.

    In a few days at the most, you will see her get braver and she will venture out into other rooms. Make sure she always has a "safe" place to run to, like under the bed, when she feels like it. That way she will feel secure. Let her come to you first. I guarantee as soon as she's comfortable things will get better and she won't hiss at you.
  10. Thank you lori! So I shouldn't try to reach under the bed and pet her (the seller told me I need to pet her more)? I feel like it scares her, and she hisses and goes further near the wall under the bed. So I will wait for her to come to me, as you advised?

    Thanks everyone for your advise, I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing, but am learning :smile:
  11. She's adorable! So precious :heart: Congratulations on the new addition to your family. It will take her a few days to adjust, so just give her time and eventually she'll come around ;)
  12. That is my Auntie carrying her in the above pics, btw. I think she has much more of a way w/ cats than I do (Muffin actually fell asleep on her stomach for a while!). She has raised 2 cats herself...
  13. What a sweetie pie! Have fun!
  14. She's beautiful!!!!!
  15. In my opinion, I disagree with your seller. Maybe she meant that you should pet her more when she's out in the open, not hiding under the bed. She will eventually get more curious and realize that she is not in danger. Then she will not always be under the bed and start checking out her surroundings. Have patience, this will take a few days. Don't run after her; let her come to you on her terms. Speak quietly and calmly to her so she doesn't get spooked. She will come around!