Picking up my Ella tomorrow!!!!!

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  1. We were supposed to all go on Saturday to get her but my DH and I are going to go tomorrow (along with our 4 yr old daughter). We are going to surprise our 2 sons who will be in camp. We figure that it will be less overwhelming for the puppy if we don't have all 3 kids with us when we pick her up. SO when they come home from camp tomorrow afternoon she will already be home! I am so excited..and also a little anxious - I haven't had a little puppy in the house in a long time. I will post pics of her tomorrow night!
  2. Yea!!!! How wonderful!!!! Best wishes to you and your puppy. My sister did something a little similar a few years ago. She brought her pug puppy home while her son was visiting his father out-of-town. He was unbelievably thrilled with the surprise little "brother" waiting at home for him.
  3. That's great! I bet your sons will really like the element of surprise!
  4. Yay - a new puppy.:nuts:
    Good luck with the fun of housetraining.
  5. How exciting!!! Definetly post pics when you get a chance! :yes:
  6. how exciting. can't wait to see pics.
  7. I am so excited for you!!
  8. Awesome! Don't forget to posts pics of Ella! ;)