Picking the right leather for Kelly for a "rough and tumble" kinda gal

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  1. I'll admit it - I'm not perfect! As polished as I seem, I always seem to manage to defile my beautiful new bags with scratches and blemishes before too long.

    I'm not really into togo or clemence, and like a more structured / traditional look that will simulataneously stand the test of time.

    Which leather should I pursue???? I'd love some advice!!
  2. vache liegee is a good, durable, firm leather that seems VERY strong! Some can be refurbished at the spa better than others...so they all have good and not so good!
  3. I've heard this about VL, too!

    Alternatively, you can go for a kelly in box leather. In the beginning it will show scratches and wear and tear, but after a while these develop into a rich patina that box lovers adore. Box is also your best bet in terms of refurbishing by Hermes to correct that wear and tear and help the patina along.

    There is much much more information in the Reference section. Check out hermesgroupie's indispensable Leather Book for comparison pics and descriptions.
  4. Fijord!

  5. I second fjord
  6. Vache Liegee is excellent as is fjord and chevre. Although VL and fjord will be much more durable, but vl and chevre are excellent choices for structured look!
  7. I adore Box but it freaks me out regarding the scratching.

    However, perhaps all I need is faith that it will patina and spa out in the end ? Is that correct?
  8. From what others and many SAs have said, box is the best because it can be fully restored to look brand new after a spa treatment! And yes, box will develop a gorgeous patina over time!
  9. So then the only thing to be really worried about with box is rain, as it causes permanent blistering. Is that correct???
  10. should never get box wet with rain. seems like fjord is your answer.
  11. Fjord or Vache Ligee.......otherwise you'll be worried about the rain on your Box calf......these other two leathers can withstand the MONSOON!!!!!
  12. ^ dittooooooo! :smile:
  13. Depends on your lifestyle - if you are rough and ready then Vache Ligee is the trick, if you are rough, tough and ready then Fjord is for you ( it is heavier) but if you are prepared to comport youself in a ladylike manner and treat your bag with utmost respect and leave it for future generations to enjoy in your will then box is probably for you!
  14. I haven't seen a fjord bag but from pictures I think it doesn't seem to me to look that different from togo. If you don't like the look/feel of togo you might not like fjord either?

  15. FYI--fjord is very heavy and can be somewhat coarse looking. it can make for a bag that it much more casual and "heavy" looking. Clemence or togo is the best intermediate type of leather. vache liagee is getting a little more polished and dressier. you have to buy what appeals to your eye...............all leather wears, gets scratched etc. hermes bags arfe pretty substantial compared to most.