Picking favorites?

  1. I know.. a good mother would never say which child she loves the best..
    But do you have one "main" bag, that you tend to use most often, that you switch out for other bags for certain outfits and then always tend to go back to?

    My favorite a la moment, is my Carly, gold/khaki. She just fits everything so perfectly, and goes really well with whatever I happen to be wearing!
  2. i just switched back to my Carly...it is the only Coach bag that I have, but I always go back to her!
  3. Yup, Carly here too.:yes:
  4. The bag that I go to most often is my Ergo Patent Mahogany Hobo. I don't own a Carly yet. I plan to very soon- as soon as they make a Chocolate Brown Leather one.
  5. I missed the gold Carly & now it's sold out...I'm so jealous!
  6. I will MOST LIKELY be buying the chocolate brown leather Carly as well when it comes out~! Which size will you be getting, Liz?

    The bags that I find that I WILL BE using the most is my Ali's...right now I am using my White Ali, and my true plan when I brought her home 2 weeks ago was to switch on and off b/w her and my new signature striped denim tote...well....let's just say....since I have packed up Ali and gone OUT w/ her....I dont have ANY plans of unpacking her!!! She is sooooo comfy on my shoulder and the perfect bag! I do feel bad for my sig stripe denim tote though, but, I WILL switch out if I decide to wear my denim outfits b/c she looks sooooooo cute w/ them!!! I have been putting off wearing those clothes though b/c I LOVE Ali so much!!! LOLOL :p
  7. I'm loving my brown Carryall, but it looks like I need to get a Carly!! :smile:
  8. I am loving my ergo hobos at the moment - white patent & turqoise leather
  9. Practical favorite: black leather Ali (my job interview sidekick!)

    Overall favorite: b&w sig Chelsea satchel!
  10. Mommyville:

    I think the Ali is one of the all time best Coach Bags. Hands down it is the best bag in the 65th Anniversary Collection. You made the best choice. I can understand how you do not want to switch out your Ali bag. It really is perfect in every way. For anyone who has not purchased an Ali on this forum, all I can say is
    "You are really missing out on one the best bags ever". I am wearing my Ali in whiskey today as the skies are clear. The rest of the week the forecast is for showers in NYC so I have to break out the Patent Ergo Mahogany Hobo tomorrow. I will be getting the Large Carly chocolate - all leather version. I do hope that it comes out by September as I would like it to be my fall bag.

    kind regards,