Picking A Pewter...

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  1. gals or guys who have seen them

    what's the difference between the 04 and 05 pewters? is there a discernible difference?

    and do u think a pewter is worth getting? i am always afraid of the effect of rubbing in the metallics
  2. -05 didn´t have pewter RH as far as I know???? I just checked and the -05 had brass RH

  3. '04 has pewter hw and somewhat of a very slight pinkish hue.
    '05 has silver hw and is darker.
  4. ^lovely64, she's asking about pewter the leather color, and not pewter the hardware.:yes:

    ponypie, the 04 pewter has an antiqued, matte pewter hardware and the 05 pewter has a shiny silver, almost stainless steel like hardware.

    If you do a search, you'll find lovelygarments' side by side pics of 04 and 05 pewter Firsts. good luck!
  5. Definitely worth getting IMHO, I adore my '04 First. My bag doesn't show any rubbing yet but honestly the day it does I really won't mind, it will just make it look edgy. I'll just wear it with jeans and casual stuff when it reaches that point.
  6. I have an 05 Pewter First that is the best go-to bag ever :yes:

    It is the perfect pretty neutral, you will love it!!
  7. ooooh - what pewter are you getting?
  8. hi everyone thanks for your responses!

    yes sorry sorry i meant leather, not hardware :shame:

    deco, thanks for the tip! i'll check out lovelygarments' comparison pix

    hmwe, glad u cleared up that it IS neutral! i was wondering if it wld work for day AND night

    earth, ah so 04 DOES have a pinkish hue, i wasn't seeing things!! i thought that was truly mysterious and gorgeous :heart:

    mj, looks like it'll be 04! there's one avail right now but it's US-only shipping sigh