Picking a book tote----


Book tote...

  1. Neverfull GM

  2. Love 2 MM

  3. Batignolles Horizontal

  4. other- please suggest...

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  1. So- it's that time of the year again- school is about to start and is just around the corner :tup:, therefore, I'm in need of a book tote- if any of you have these please tell me about how many 1 inch binders you could possible fit.:confused1:... thank you!

    Neverfull GM
    Love 2 MM
    Batignolles Horizontal

    I've included a poll b/c your opinion always counts! :yes:
  2. The Batignolles doesn't fit binders so much as they are pretty big. I use my BH to carry spiral notebooks daily and that fits about 3 or 4 70pg notebooks in the area behind the clasps on the sides.
    I'd probably go with a Mezzo if you need something to fit larger notebooks, I use mine when I'm carrying my textbooks.
  3. i prefer the BH but if it's too small then i'd choose the neverfull GM.
  4. I would go with the Love 2 tote simply because of the wear and tear the bag is going to endure (e.g., sitting it on the floor/ground, putting it into lockers, slanging it around) I think you get the point. You would definitely be able to hold the the necessary notebooks and additional supplies in it, not to mention when it gets dirty you could have it cleaned or washed, whatever you decided. :yes:
  5. Hampstead!!!
  6. LVOE 2, love this bag
  7. I use the Neverfull GM for school. It's so light, casual, and practical :yes:
  8. Hmmmm...your thread gets me thinking of whether I should ditch the backpack and go for a sweet looking LV LOL!

    I would probably vote for the Neverfull as well!
  9. I would vote for the Love tote, only because the straps are sturdy and will take the toll of your heavy books.
  10. i used my chelsea a lot last year.
  11. I'd go for the Antigua GM!
  12. I voted for the LVoe 2,but the Antingua would be a good option as well.
  13. when i was still in school i used my Batignolles Horizontal a lot; it was one of my best school bags. the Antigua GM's a good choice too, although i think something from the Monogram line would go with everything. the Neverfull straps might cut into you a little if the bag is too heavy.
  14. Out of all of them, I picked the neverfull gm, but now that I think about it, I don't think it'd be a good school bag. I personally prefer:

    Cabas Mezzo
    Damier Chelsea
    Damier Uzes
    Antigua GM
    Epi Noe (regular not the petit)

    The LVoe 2 tote is a nicely sized bag, but I don't really like it so much now that I saw it IRL. The BH is waayyy too small unless you plan to just carry a few skinny spirals and a thin textbook.
  15. ^Oh! You should definitely consider the newer Palermo GM coming out next season...I think it looks tdf :yes: