Picker-me-up for a chick

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    There's no chance of this little fellow biting the hand that feeds him.

    That's because keepers at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust are determined to keep him at arm's length, especially at dinner time.
    Staff at Slimbridge wildlife park in Gloucestershire are using a little-picker disguised as an adult crane to feed six chicks in order to minimise their exposure to humans. Too much contact could ruin the chicks' chances of fending for themselves when they fly the nest. So the birds are being fed by the device designed to mimic adult cranes.

    One staff member said: "These birds capture the imagination. Once you've heard their incredible bugling calls and seen their courtship dancing, the traditional British wetland would seem silent without them.
    "This project gives these birds every possibility of re-colonising an area where they were once common. We are going to give them a helping hand. This is a good news story, we want people to come and see these magnificent birds." The six chicks will be on display to the public at Slimbridge from July.
  2. That is really neat. It looks like a spoon but that is really creative.
  3. look at the cute little teeny tiny chick wings!
  4. Oh yeah I've heard of that being done. I think it's an awesome program!
  5. OMG how cute!!!