Picked up the new style Vernis Key / Coin Pouch ... and am disappointed.

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  1. I am overjoyed to see the Blueberry and Hot Pink colours extended to Vernis! I have always loved the vernis because of the richness of colour and metallic is a weakness of mine! It also just so happens that cobalt, hot pink and teal are my favorite colours so of course I immediately picked up Epi pieces in the Blueberry and Hot Pink.

    I spent last month in Home Sweet Scotland and studiously avoided LV because everyone I know thought I couldn't hold out, but prices there are a turnoff. When I returned I found my SA had left a voicemail informing me she was holding one of each of the colours in the Cles in vernis, newly released! Of course I headed straight for the boutique.

    I planned to get both but left with just the Blueberry. While I contemplated the hot pink, it's so close to my Rose Pop Cles in shade that after seeing the newest change, coupled with how they're putting less metallic in most of the Vernis shades now, I didn't want it. LV has saved me money which is a good thing but I know I can't be alone in my disappointment that in addition to putting less metal flake in the lacquer in almost all the new colours besides Magenta, they've now taken off the beautiful golden Louis Vuitton nameplate!

    I can only assume they did this to save money but I feel like they now have made the design dull and it doesn't look nearly as expensive or elegant, and they kept the price the same!

    I was willing to pay for the Blueberry because I adore cobalt and it has a hint of purple in some lights but I doubt I will buy another new one. Cerise's lack of metallic pop was disappointing, but add that to this in hot pink and it just looked dull to me.

    For some reason, this really let me down, because as a small business owner, I don't see any reason to remove the plate other than to increase profit margins. I wanted to hear feedback from all of you on the new design. Here are a couple of my others with the new one in the middle-- left to right Cerise, Blueberry, Magenta.

    I adore the colour and want more of it though I do wish it was bit more metallic. If I didn't love blue so much I would probably return it, honestly, because of the new design.

    What are your thoughts on the changes and why they may have been made?



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  2. I'm with you on that one. The blueberry colour is gorgeous, but they should of kept the plate. I believe it looks much more glamorous and classy with the plate. I completely agree with you, but there are a lot that prefer it without. So each to their own I guess.
  3. I agree with you too, I much preferred it with the name plate. I seriously considered buying one of these but I don't like the new look at all. The writing on the name plate was a bit "retro" and I thought it looked great, I agree with bumbles that it made it much more glamorous and classy. I don't think removing it had much to do with profit (I might be wrong though), I think it was just a simple design change.
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  4. I Actually like it without the LV Plate.
  5. Classic looks better than the redesign. It's a shame that LV keeps cutting corners. It looks to plain without the metal plate.
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  6. Plate Here
    I have 5 with the plate and I guess I won't be buying any more...., I agree with you.
    It's so boring and dull. To much like the regular in canvas just bigger!!
  7. I agree also. It looks plain without the plate! It's a shame LV is trying to save money - taking away metal plates and shimmer - and then raising the prices over the years.I'm not saying they shouldn't make a profit but I think it's a bit ridiculous. The main reason I bought my pomme accessories years ago was due to the shimmery color. It wouldn't be the same if it was "flat".
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  8. I like it still without the plate Are you saying the magenta does have metallic flakes? I am trying to decide between blueberry and magenta. I like the light pink too but doubt it's as sparkly. It's so hard when they change something you love and count on collecting.
  9. I quite like it without the plate but I understand if it bothers you
  10. I don't mind it without it. But I agree, it LV excuse to cut corners. Perfect timing for them- there is this trend to be less loud and more subtle in design.
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  11. The colors a gorgeous and I much prefer it without the plate. I think the trend is towards a minimalistic look in bags etc.
  12. I like it with the plate but I can live with the new ones. I am more bothered though with LV using less materials and charging the same.
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  13. I agree, it does t look as nice. Disappointed.
  14. I bought one without the plaque and I had to return it! Just think it looks cheap.
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  15. Not crazy about it without the plate.
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