Picked up something small on my way home from work

  1. I was able to get off work early today and wanted to surprise my wife with something. I stopped by H and looked around but nothing on the main floor caught my eye. However, I did see something very small on the second floor that I thought my wife would enjoy...
    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG
  2. skim...will you marry me?

    great surprise!

    please do let us know the story when she opens it!
  3. Gorgeous, thoughtful gift!!! Lucky lady...
  4. wow...you wife is so lucky
  5. Wow! What a thoughtful DH! Welcome. You've officially arrived at the dark side...or is it the dark orange side???? muahhahahahahah!
  6. So pretty...!!!
    Congratulations to your wife, she is so lucky!!!
  7. wow. that's something small? you're a fantastic husband! lucky wife!
  8. Skim,

    What a lucky wife you have. How considerate of you to think of her. I hope you are as generous with your wife in all other aspects of your relationship as you are with gifts. If you are, then your wife has the greatest gift of all- a husband who loves her.
  9. wowwww!!!!
  10. Wow!! I've always loved that watch. It's soooo pretty. Your wife is soooo lucky!!!
  11. Lucky, lucky, lucky wife, lol!! :biggrin: Gorgeous, a lovely choice!! ^_^
  12. Can you please train my DH for me?!?!!? ;) You are so sweet and your wife is so lucky!
  13. OHHHHHHHHHHH, so beautiful!
  14. That watch is gorgeous..and if that's a little something..perhaps..you could send me a little something too:p
  15. Gorgeous!! How lucky your wife is to have you!!