Picked up our new pup today!!

  1. :nuts:

    She is such a cutie, fast asleep on my lap at the moment, She is 9 weeks today, I love it when they are this age, exploring one minute and then fall fast asleep :heart:


  2. SOOOO CUTE!!!!! Have you thought of some names yet?
  3. well I loved Seren (as in Serendipity) but im not sure it suits her now! its abit grown up, where as she is like a tiny little cute round thing!

    so not sure, any suggestions definately appreciated ;)
  4. ohhh yaaayyyyy!!!! She's sooo cute. I love the chi's that have that muzzle like her. Is that your daughter? She's so pretty!

    Cuteness all around! :smile:
  5. yay, thats my little girl, thanks Danica! oh, and me too, I love the little mask so much, thats the reason that she stood out more than the others ;)
  6. Aww she is so precious. Congratulations.
  7. omg, shes adorrrable!!!!!! :heart:
  8. Such a cute puppy!!!
  9. Oh she is absolutely adorable so is your daughter!
    What about Chloe? LOL!
  10. your daughter is adorable and the puppy is a cutie pie!
  11. thanks guys, I did consider Chloe (and also how this tiny one had cost as much as a new Chloe bag hee hee!!), but one of my mums cats was called that and she sadly went missing, so not the best name for this one!!

    I am thinking Seren or Missy, as I seem to use that word a fair bit anyhow ;)

    thanks for the lovely comments, will let you know how our first night went, as she is already a little restless
  12. Chloe-babe...she is adorable! I really like the name Seren...its very unique.
  13. She's so tiny and precious!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  14. OMG.....love puppies!! especially the way they just run themselves until they just "poop out" and fall asleep!

  15. Awwww, what a cutie!