Picked up our Glam Totes....

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  1. I took my friend to pick up our Poppy Patent Glam Tote's..She is soo excited about this bag and having her first Coach..So needless to say I accomplished something good...Knowing she has Cancer, I don't think I could do enough for her...Hopefully this week we will find out how long she has had this Tumor and how we can get her treated and pass this nightmare...I just want to Thank all of you for your kind words and prayer's...She went home to show off her bag...It feels so good to share and give..Thanks all;)
  2. what a great friend you are. and good vibes that she overcomes this better than ever!
  3. [​IMG]Forgot to show a picture, there wiil be more....:yahoo:
  4. [​IMG]Here's 1 more with my Wristlets...This bag is so pretty and easy to care for.....
  5. That is so sweet of you. So many people are too greedy to do something like that. I hope you both enjoy them!
  6. Congrats to both of you. Bag twins! I cant wait to use mine too! And you are a great friend too. Im sure she really appreciates you.
  7. Thank you , and you are right...But I'am what some are called, a Caretaker...I love to share and give if and when I can...God has Blessed me with my Life and my 4 children's, so why not give back...I won the money to do this,$500.00. So instead of having to save the money to get her bag, I got us both one, kinda of a gift to one another...;)
  8. You are such a sweet friend.
  9. A very sweet friend indeed. She is lucky to have someone in her life that cares so much.
    Love the keyfob on the tote...so cute! Congrats.
  10. We appreciate each other....I just Love to make people Happy and Share, like other's I know and you know who you are!!!! I cannot wait to join a RAOK, I love to shop for Coach, other than buying Anne's bag, I have no one thats into Coach...It must be Exciting to swap Coach goodie's....Any how, Thanks again...;)
  11. what a great friend
  12. God bless you and your friend-you will be in my familys prayers
  13. what an awesome friend..true friends are hard to come by...and the glam tote is red Hot!
  14. Congrats! You're a great friend!
  15. Thanks and yes, the Glam tote is hoooottttt....True friend's are very Hard to come by...I've been Burnt quite a few times...Some times being too nice gets ya hurt, but I don't take it out on other's....We live and learn...