Picked up my tweedee today!

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  1. Just back from the store at Madison Avenue with my new tweedee- it's boooootiful!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
    g1.jpg g2.jpg
  2. congrats, rose -- that's dreamy. bet you can't wait for a cool snap to wear it!
  3. Just about to turn the air conditioner up! :lol:
  4. Oooooh, very nice!!
  5. Rose-

    Looks terrific- can't wait to get mine. Can you confirm the dimensions? How does it look "on?" I'm so happy for you!!
  6. It's 15" x 84". It great, looks great on and it's super soft, I guess you will have yours in the next day or two....:yahoo:
  7. They had the cutest 25 cm orange togo Kelly :love: sitting on the shelf, just beautiful, had a 'play' with it but left it there......
  8. Ugh! I'm so glad I wasn't there. I've been having difficulty lately keeping my CC in my wallet. Sigh. I would have loved to have played with the little Kelly, too!
  9. Thanks to you it should be arriving any day! I hope the colors look good with all the browns I tend to wear! Enjoy!

  10. It has got dark brown, black, beige/cream, and grey running through it, so it will be perfect with any shade of brown:flowers:
  11. That is so pretty! Very cozy for fall/winter. Could you use it as a shawl?
  12. I think so.
  13. I told SoCal that while it looked like a beautiful shawl on Gigi (she posted pics a couple of weeks ago) on me (much larger) it will probably look like a pochette. :P OK, maybe a twilly. :roflmfao:
  14. Love it! :love: Can't wait to receive mine!
  15. Gorgeous!!!!