Picked up my preorders today! Reveals!!!

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  1. Black Lumi PM

    Amethyste vernis cles

    The very last curieuse wallet compact in infini

    All Made IN France and before the price increase!
  2. That's quite a haul! Beautiful new goodies, congrats!
  3. beautiful LV's - congrats!!
  4. Thanks! My SA took me to the VIC room to review my items so I felt like a high roller never spent so much in one trip but well worth it. Now I'm off to ban island! I highly recommend the black Empreinte items the leather and color is out of this world!
  5. Wow, lovely haul. Everything is gorgeous. Big congrats! :woohoo:
  6. Great items!!!! Congrats to you!! So happy to see your reveal! Tell me, did your store have the Black out? Mine didn't although they had the new Purple and Yellow Vernis colors as well as the Purple Emp. I wonder if they already pre-sold all of the Black to customers like us!!
  7. No black bags out just the amethyste bags and the black Empreinte wallets

    I think the bags were all preordered.

    They took people up to VIC room if preorder black bags to avoid a stampede IMO...lol. I believe a woman ahead of me had the black artsy saw the SA quickly packing it up and trying to hide it from view in the back room
  8. Lumi in black... Wow!! Just gorgeous, congrats!!;)
  9. Congrats on a great haul! Beautiful items. So lucky that you got the last infini curieuse!!
  10. very nice haul, congrats on everything!!!
  11. I know! And she was made in Jan 2014 in France! My SA showed me the black one but in the light they look exactly the same but when you look on dim light you see blue I love the mystery of it so got the infini curieuse.

    Yes the Lumi in black is stunning. I can't stop staring at her.
  12. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  13. love the colors! you did great, congrats
  14. Wow love them all! Congrats!!