Picked up my Prada & Miu Miu bags today!!!

  1. Today I picked up my bags from Prada and Miu Miu!


    They are so beautiful!!! I can't stop feeling them and staring! I love the suede coffer bag so much that I ordered it in leather from Saks when I got home. It's completely functional and big enough to fit everything I need. And the Prada Gauffre... I am in serious love with it. The way the leather looks and feels... I can't wait to take it out tomorrow (conveniently I will be shopping for a new digital camera since I sold my old one.)

    I'll be posting pics as soon as I get my new camera!
  2. CONGRATS!! I love my gauffre bags!..and that MIU MIU is stylin!!
    where did you end up buying the Prada?
  3. Love it!!! My Antic Cervo Satchel is on it's way and I can't wait!!
  4. The Broadway store was holding it for me. :love: I'm so so grateful. I would have HATED to miss out on this bag!
  5. Hey..did you meet Sada???
  6. I'm so excited for you!! I can't wait to see pics! :heart:
  7. Thanks Audrey!! This is the MOST I have ever spent on a bag.
  8. I was so pressed for time I didn't even get a chance to look at the wallets as much as I wanted to. They seemed to be out of the one you got and returned. Chanty looked for me too but no luck. I need to go back in a few days and find out about it. Hopefully then I will meet her. :yes:
  9. When I receive that 300 bucks gift card from Saks, I have no clue on what I'm gonna buy. I better start and check out some stuff.
  10. I think I got a $125 gift card. I need a new cellphone holder so i'll see what I can find there.
  11. Beautiful!!! Congrats Audrey they are BOTH gorgeous :smile:
  12. PERFECT CHOICES! congratulations, they are beautiful!!!!
  13. Congrats audrey - those are the 2 exact same bags I'm after. Already got the suede coffer and I think it's a great bag - love the long strap and the shape. Waiting to pluck up the courage to call Prada re the gauffre satchel !
  14. Thanks!! I hope you do because you will not be disappointed! :love:
  15. Audrey, is that the same size as the antic cervo satchel? same price too? Mine was 2450