Picked up my (most probably) last LV purchase in Hong Kong & met LT staff!


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
Yesterday I went to Landmark LV and picked up my newest baby: PINK TRAPEZE PM!!

She is in wonderful condition--white leather is near-perfect, pink mini lin fabric has some greying on the side and random dirt marks but I used a wet towel at the restaurant we ate at afterwards and it cleaned it quite well. For the price I bought her at (and no shipping, waiting required), I must say I am super pleased with it!

I talked with Grace (I think...) on the phone and met with Tony (again, I think...) and both were super nice. They were late because of the horrible rain and were super sorry about it, but it was totally okay. Still, they were super polite and we had no problems identifying each other at all. Overall, it was a nice smooth transaction.

The bag does sag a bit when it's full of stuff and I never thought of this...I thought the bag would stay this shape but oh well!

And now, here are pictures!

Here it is again with my rose inclusion bracelet PM:

After this and the inclusion I've spent wayyyyy too much money! This SHOULD be my final LV purchase in Hong Kong...but it IS quite enough! :P



Jun 8, 2006
LOVE the bag and bracelet!!! Looks great on you :love: