Picked up my Mono Stephen today!!!

  1. My SA called me a few days ago to let me know that it was ready but I was unable to get in the boutique until today

    Its a very pretty bag I must say....but I don't know if its a keeper. Its stunning though

    The are only a few handfuls left in the US so anyone that wants one should jump on it. Just not sure if the bag is for me. Alteast I have a few days to think about it.

    I'm a little ticked though because my bag was not perfect. I could tell that it had been showed. I'm sure the SA's were letting other people look at it. There is a small stain about the size of a thumbprint on the vachetta on the strap. Looks like dirt from someones grimy paws :hysteric:

    Luckily its on the side that would sit on the shoulder.
    I will take pics sometime tonight or tomorrow for everyone to see.

    My boyfriend thinks I should keep it. But the price is steep. I need to make sure I am head over heels in love with it. Because off hand I can think of TWO LVs that I could buy for the price of this ONE, ya know.
  2. pictures!!! pleeeeaseeeee!!!!! :nuts: :yes: :P
  3. Picturessssss!!!!
  4. I have this bag too and I was a tad hesitant at first to keep it after seeing ALL that VACHETTA!!LOL!..scared me a bit!
    But you will grow to love it..I promise!Its a rare bag and so different and pretty!congrats!
  5. Ok I just snapped a quick shot before I go to bed. Its without the shoulder attachment on. I don't think I care much for the bag with the strap on. Its ashame though b-cuz the shoulder strap is pretty.

    Dunno what its made out of. Touirtouse shell? I dont know how to spell that. whatever.

    Basically this bag is a spruced up speedy. Very pretty. But its does have speedy similarities.

    Anyway--I'll take better pics tomorrow. Going beddy bye now :sleepy:
  6. ooh, it does look pretty! what was the pricing? (sorry-don't mean to sound rude)
  7. HA!HA! My (well trained..) 10 year old likes the Stephen bag better without the strap too......Think how pretty it will be when it patinas...
  8. I paid 2070.00 plus tax for mine.
  9. *sigh* too steep for me.. :crybaby:

  10. Ouch. You're not being rude. I'm just trying not to remind myself. It was steep. :Push:

    See what I mean when I say I could buy TWO LV's for the price of this one.
    But it IS very pretty. This is so hard.

    We'll see what happens. Good night all:flowers:
  11. I think I might have ran into you today at the boutique... :lol:

    Just kidding. I went straight home after class. Congrats on your new purchase!!!
  12. welll... you have 14 days to decide right?? Just.. make sure if you do decide to take it back, that you're sure.. cuz it might become like the Mizi... endangered species!! LOL!! I totally understand what you mean about being able to by 2 bags in it's place.. *sigh*

    Good Night! :flowers:
  13. I agree with you! I think it is sooo funny how you said it could become like the Mizi, endagered species!

  14. LOL. Its funny--I thought about you when I was there. But the boutuque was oretty empty so I knew you couldnt be there

  15. Actually I have only like 9 days to think about it b-cuz they rang it up as soon as it came in. And it took me a few days to pick it up :upsidedown:

    You;re right about the Mizi. I was lucky enought it get the last one at my local store but its funny how popular it became AFTER it was discontinued.