Picked up my luggage tag today! Pics!

  1. So I went to Holt Renfrew today to pick up my luggage tag for my Keepall. My regular SA was not there, so I asked another SA for it, and surprise surprise, they didn't have it there! :cursing: Peanuts! I was upset because this is the second time I went to get my luggage tag and it wasn't ready! (Same thing happened with my Antigua's luggage tag)

    She asked me which SA sold me the Keepall and I told her and then she went into the back room. When she came back out she told me that she tried phoning my SA to ask him when he dropped off my tag at Hotel Vancouver but he wasn't picking up so she left a message on his cell. Then she asked me what I wanted her to do! :wacko: I asked her if she could phone Hotel Vancouver to see if my tag is there! So she did and it was there. Then she asked me if I wanted her to pick it up for me or I could pick it up myself, I told her I could get it myself.

    While I was at Hotel Vancouver I tried on the Le Confident in white! My regular SA wasn't there so I asked a SA I have never seen before. I asked if it was the Le Confident, and she was all impressed going, "Oh, you know the name!" LOL! :p It didn't stay on my shoulder well and was too bulky under the arm, so it did not bump the Black Le Tal off my list! Hotel Vancouver also has the black Mahina XXL if anyone is interested. They were already setting up for the Cocktail Reception tommorrow night that I will not be going to.

    Oh yeah, I also went to the Coach store because I had the 25% off card, and I looked around the whole store looking for something to buy, but I couldn't find anything I wanted even for 25% off! Its been a frustrating day.

    Anyways, at least they did a pretty good job on my heatstamp this time. The luggage tag for the Keepall is bigger than that for the Antigua. Here are some comparison pics:



    Pics of the luggage tag on the Keepall:



    Enjoy the pics!
  2. wow, they look GREAT! I so want to do this for my MC petit noe...sucks that it was such a battle though!
  3. p.s. the same thing happened to me in Coach the other day - I had a 10% card and I couldn't find anything!
  4. Ugh totally agree with you about Coach. I went there looking for a pair of shoes (the only thing I have wanted from Coach in a LOOOONG time) and they only had 1 pair that they had ordered in specially for a customer and they were a size 6! Way too small! Ooh how did the Mahina XXL look? I want the XL in black. Why aren't you going to the cocktail event?
  5. So glad you got your luggage tag...looks great.
    I didn't find anything at coach either
  6. About Coach, I went in planning on getting the Patchwork Ponytail Scarf, but after I tried it on again, I decided it didn't look that good.

    The Mahina XXL looked too big! I asked about the XL and the SA said that she didn't know if they would get any more in! They had the blue denim XL, but I was only interested in the black that they didn't have.

    I'm not going to the Cocktail event because I have no one to go with! My uncle wanted to go with me because he is interested in watches, but he has a work conference to go to that night. And all my friends are not interested in LV! Also, I don't get off work until 5pm and it would be too much of a rush/hassle to get there by 6.

    Are you going to the Cocktail Event?
  7. Thanks!

    Is your Noe black or white? What colour heat stamp do you plan on getting? The blue like my Antigua stamp would look great on black MC!
  8. Looks great!! I love the blue!
  9. i went to LV to collect my tag recently n it wasn't ready as well

    have to wait for it again :sad:

    by the way, very nice set u got there *winks*

    love ya LV ;0)
  10. Thats Cute!! Does heat stamping cos a bomb?.. I have the MOCA Neverfull tag i wonder if they'd do it ..
  11. Congrats Arnott! the keepall looks awesome!:biggrin:
  12. Forgot to mention...Hotel Vancouver has the Silver Suhali Zippy Wallet!

    And Holt Renfrew has the gold suhali agenda!
  13. Its free. BTW, love your Voodoo Baby avatar! :nuts:
  14. I really need to get something heat-stamped too. I love your luggage tags!