Picked up my Louis shoes today!!!

  1. As you all know, yesterday I was very excited to go get my Elektrochoc shoes. . . and today I got them!!!!

    They're my absolute favorite!!!

    My pup even loves them!!!


  2. Fabulous shoes, congrats!
  3. My faaaaaavorite elektrochocs! I love the fushia color!
  4. Those are great!
  5. Beautiful! I love the color.
  6. Wow those are super cute and I love that color. Congrats!! I'm sure you'll enjoy them.
  7. Omg your shoes are so smoking hot!! Love the colour!
  8. Hot, hot, hot:party:
  9. enjoy! :tup:
  10. OMG!!!!! They are GORGEOUS! Congrats! :tup::nuts::yahoo:
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Those are SO hot! I loved the ones that Lindsay Lohan had on and was wondering what they were called...now I know! REALLY REALLY cute!
  13. OMG they are gorgeous.
  14. WOW! They are so awesome!
  15. I love them!!