Picked up my first Hermes, first Birkin, very special purchase for me

  1. Spent a wonderful evening ordering room service and enjoying my Birkin Ebene Clemence 40.

    I picked this beauty up at the Hermes Boutique on Madison Ave. - but, get this, I walked out with a big big orange bag but did not spend a dime in the store !

    I met up with a wonderful fellow tPFer who was able to help me realize a 40 bag with pal. hardware. She may reveal herself if she chooses. *Thank you* :smile:

    I love a big handbag. I love this colour. And I was ready to upgrade to Hermes.
    So, please enjoy these pics of the bag taken in my airport(JFK) hotelroom (with a warm and friendly staff, I might add).

    The experience of getting this bag is only closely matched to when I got my puppy.:heart:
    Hermes on me again.jpg Hermes close-up.jpg Orange bag.jpg Hermes on bed.jpg Henry_Nov2006.jpg
  2. congrats! ahhh... first love is always the most memorable...
  3. Congratulations, gelbergirl! What a beauty! I absolutely LOVE ebene - it is one of my favorite H colors. So rich and yummy...So glad you had a great time AND shared the company of a fellow tPF-er. Enjoy!

    And the puppy - well, the puppy is just TOO CUTE for words! :heart:
  4. I LOVE THIS BAG!!!!

    Ebene clemence is such a classic. I remember this one. I would've sold a kidney for it, I swear.

    Congratulations, GG on a fantastic purchase. You had the bag fairygodmothers watching out for you on this one! WhooHoo!
  5. congratulations gelbergirl!!! Your new birkin is gorgeous. :drool: I love Ebene. Your little puppy is sooo cute :heart:
  6. Awww Gelber- it's beautiful! I remember when we talked about you getting your first H bag back in April in NYC. You've done a great job researching and holding out for the right one.
  7. CONGRATS!!:drinkup:
  8. yayyyyy -- i'm so happy you love it!!! :yahoo: but gosh, how could you not? since it looks absolutely PERFECT on you. those modelling pics are smashing, dahling!!

    i hope soon we'll get to spend a nice long lunch, or drinks, or dinner, or drinks, or lunch and drinks, or ... well, you get the idea ... to make up for my rush yesterday.

    oh, and happy upcoming birthday to that adorable doggie!
  9. Thats great I hope you always love her.
  10. congrats. I love the color and size. I just need to know the secret of walking out with a big H bag without spending any money . . . I know my DH would really like to know that secret
  11. Congratulations!

    But I'm not sure if I intepreted your post correctly. I guess you meant you didn't buy this bag directly from Madison?
  12. Congratulations. You look great modelling the bag. Ebene clemence is a wonderful way to start on Hermes.
  13. Congrats! Ebene is a wonderful rich colour!x
  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Gelbergirl, you look amazing with your 40cm ebene treat! It is a great size for you.

    Wait.... Are you telling us that DQ was the great ebabler? Perfect! :yahoo:
  15. Sounds like she got it from the lovely DQ. TPFers helping each other!