Picked up my East West Flap *pics*

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  1. I LOVE HER! So Perfect and Pretty! Perfect size I really love this bag! My GST also arrived I will post pics of that later!
  2. Wow I love it!
  3. Beautiful! Congrats!!! :yes:
  4. What a coincidence! I am just thinking about it!:wtf:

    Does E/W also comes in lambskin?
    Can you also post the style # and price ? Since I am planning to get an E/W too! :yahoo:

    Also, who knows the retail price for lambskin E/W? TIA!
  5. Beautiful choice!
  6. I believe it does come in Lambskin I almost got it in that but afraid of having to be too careful, if I get something so delicate I find myself not wanting to use it.

    here is the tag so you have all the information :smile:
    This is an awesome deal for a Chanel Flap

  7. Congrats!
  8. :yahoo::yahoo::love:
  9. Gorgeous bag! Congratulations!
  10. Oh what a nice bag - and such great pictures! Enjoy!!!!:yes:
  11. Beautiful bag, a classic you will enjoy for years!
  12. Gorgeous, my sis got the exact same bag too!
  13. Soo gorgeous!!! :love: I love the E/W style, and in black caviar, you can't go wrong!! :tup: Have fun wearing your new baby out and about!! :smile:
  14. Omg .... you are so tempting me to buy a new bag!!! That's an awesome price for a Chanel!
  15. great looking flap congrats!