Picked up my Antigua's luggage tag today! Pics!

  1. Unfortunately I didn't buy anything else...I was planning to get the black Cozy and told the SA to take ALL the black ones she had out....I expected her to have about 6 but she only had 2! And the colour combos were almost exactly the same! I wanted one with lots of pink and purple but these ones both had 2 greens and a blue on the front and only one pink...too much green and blue for me so I passed and will wait until they get a colour combo that I like.

    I also tried on the Sunset Boulevard and Summit Drive in Amarante...I freaking LOVED the Summit Drive! I saw it last time on display but didn't try it on so I didn't think too much of it. But today when I tried it on...Damn! It looked perfect with the outfit I had on today and is so cute and big enough to suit my needs! Too bad its over $1600 CAD and is another hand-held only bag.

    Anyways, here are the pics of my Antigua with her newly heat-stamped luggage tag!



    Close ups of the tag:



    I also picked up "Le Voyage" catelogue and it fit into my Antigua and I was still able to zip it up! :nuts:
  2. The heat stamping looks nice... I didn't know they came in colors!
  3. I like that color!! Congrats! ;)
  4. Looks great. Great colour choice
  5. Thanks! I think the colour is called sky blue.
  6. Oh...pretty!
  7. pretty color! congrats
  8. Very cute and pretty tag! It really brightens up the bag :smile:
    When I get something heatstamped, I always choose gold, but maybe I should reconsider, seeing your lovely blue :yes:
  9. O:huh::huh:h! Very nice :smile:
  10. Look's Lovely!
  11. Congrats!
  12. that looks so good on your antigua ! :biggrin:
  13. I like that in blue- OK now I want something heatstamped!
  14. I love that blue!
    Congrats :yes:
  15. it looks so good!!! congrats!!! i love the blue!