Picked up a Pastilles Key Chain *pics*


Living life...
Jun 16, 2006
So yesterday DH looks at my bag and asks me if they offer anything to add to my bags. Of course my eyes lit up as I named off the different options. I asked him if he was thinking of getting me something. :graucho: And he said yes! :yahoo:

So we stopped off at the local boutique. My normal SA wasn't in that early but they were extremely helpful regardless. It took me forever to look at all the different options but by the suggestion of the SA I went with a Pastilles Key Chain.

What does everyone think? Did I make the right decision? Sadly it doesn't really fit on my Fuschia Denim Speedy but it fits on everything else.

I thought it looked best on my Damier Papillon 30 so that what I will post pics of. It makes me want to take this bag out even more often. I think it dresses it up nicely.

Who would have thought I would ever by jewelry for my bags? :sweatdrop: