Picked up a little something today...

  1. Got this from NM
    100_1687.jpg 100_1686.jpg 100_1681.jpg 100_1680.jpg
  2. Oh whow these are gorgeous they are from the cruiseline aren't they?
  3. Very cute! I love the off white and the gold combination.
  4. I saw these at NM yesterday. Gorgeous and super hot :drool:

  5. gorgeous!! congrats:wlae:
  6. I tried those on at NM yesterday!
    I loveeeeeeeee the color combo!
    They look amazing!
  7. nice color combo, congrats!
  8. Love them! They are fabulous!
  9. Stunning! Congrats, they look hot!
  10. I have no clue what collection these are from. lol I saw them and I fell in love. They only had three left in my size, so you know I couldn't pass.
  11. Those are cute! My friend had a hard time tracking them down I remember. I think she found them online at NM.
  12. They are fab! The color combo is lovely, congrats :smile:
  13. Those are beautiful! Congrats!!!
  14. Thanks everyone.
    I wore them to work today with jeans and they feel great!
  15. Velda, they look great! Congrats on another gorgeous pair. I love the gold heel and the fabric and color combination is perfect for Miami!

    They are from Neiman's cruise. They are only available in store though.

    Any photos w/ an outfit? :yes: