Picked this up in Vegas

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  1. I was vacationing in Vegas with SO and future in laws. It was our first trip ever with the 4 of us and by day 2 they were already being royal pains and didn't really want to explore the strip. Fortunately one of the pit stops was Chanel. I was browsing at slgs but couldn't decide on one. As the trip went on, it became more stressful as our return flight was canceled TWICE due to the East Coast weather so was stuck with the in laws for longer than expected while scrambling to found flights home. SO felt bad I had to put up with all of this and decided to take me back to Chanel to pick out something. I ended up with this.
    It definitely was one heck of a trip but also memorable bc of this baby.
    Here she is with and without sunlight and in natural light. It's difficult to capture the metallic color with the camera. It's just so beautiful. 20190126_000955.jpg 20190126_123514.jpg 20190126_123507.jpg 20190126_132903.jpg
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  2. How nice, great choice!
  3. Sorry about your trip troubles. At least, you walked away with this beautiful, useful piece. Congrats and enjoy!!
  4. Gorgeous piece! I wish I could get a CHANEL every time my In laws annoyed me!
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  5. Gorgeous2 color!!! Love this spectacular blue :heart:
  6. Beautiful!
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  7. Congratulation. I’m in love with this color I collected it in mini flap, zippy card purse and mini o case. I had to stop myself buying more in this color, lol. It’s from 18S but I’m glad Chanel still have new shipment of them until recently
  8. It’s beautiful - congratulations!
  9. Lovely, congrats!
  10. Haha seriously. I'm happy I got one this time let's see if it repeats. [emoji12] [emoji12]
    Ooo any pics? This was the only non black that caught my eye. they had some lighter colors but I was afraid of color transfer so I went with this and I'm glad I did. [emoji182] [emoji173]
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  11. Thanks everyone for the kind comments.
  12. Yes, I always want non black slg but difficult to fall in love with the color collection. I’m waiting for the perfect red though. Usually I always come back to black. But this blue is so hard to resist. Here are mine. I took a snap just for you

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  13. Super cute!! Congrats on your lovely purchase!
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