Pick your Purse

  1. OK, ladies... check out www.star1025.com- this is a radio station in my city- they are doing a contest called Pick Your Purse- check out what's in the Boutique for the first week !!! They draw names Monday thru Friday and restock the Boutique over the weekend !!! Cross your fingers for me !!!!:yahoo: :jammin: :wlae:
  2. They've got the names mixed up on some of the purses. LOL
  3. I saw that yesterday- if you click on the bags they come up with the right names- the Chloe one just jumps out at you- they have it listed as an IF......... must be some clueless MAN posting them !!! (Sorry to all to all the knowledgeable guys on this board !!! You should straighten these men out !!!)
  4. Good Luck!
  5. good luck. I love the Coach Scribble Weekend Bag
  6. Monica......god luck to you! Hope you win something!!