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  1. Hi!! I’m having trouble which Dionysus back to choose!!

    For reference here is my collection
    I have a very small Chanel black leather cross body
    Neverfull LV
    Another LV bag

    Dyingggg over these two
    3B0DE0CD-AC70-4C78-BFFA-18AA0A72C712.png 6C9F68D2-F983-4732-B7D0-CBA289FB5E9C.png
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  2. I got the GG Supreme Dionysus Small in Tan only for lasting purposes. My sales rep told me that eventually the red and black suede will fade. However, the tan will be timeless. It's spacious. I use it as a cross body too even though it's a shoulder bag.
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  3. I have the WOC version (the mini chain bag) in canvas, I prefer the more rectangular version over the more square one om myself. It fits a lot for it's size and the chain length is perfect for wearing it crossbody (I'm 175cm tall). :smile:
  4. I like them both but if I had to choose it would be the black as it is just easier to take care of.
  5. While I prefer the rectangular shape over the square, I absolutely love the monogram with contrasted suede detailing so I'd go Supreme if I were you. I've been obsessing over a Dioynsus Supreme for months; now considering tan instead of black or red after what @babidollface said!
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  6. Both great choices.
    I'm a little bias as I have the rectangular small supreme canvas Dioynsus with biege velvet which I love even more with the Tan patina the velvet parts have developed. The canvas for me is more care-free than the leather just in case of scratches plus the suede and canvas combination of the supreme is more stylish. Gucci is a brand to have fun with so definitely the supreme the black leather looks a little bland.
  7. Please share a picture of how the parts you call velvet (I assume you mean the suede? If it's not a version that I am unfamiliar with ofc. :smile: ) look with patina? :smile:
  8. Opps I meant suede getting mixed up with my velvet Marmont. :confused1::smile:

    Photo below you can see the patina on the suede parts so the colour is now a Tan shade compared to when I first got the bag. I actually prefer the darker suede against the canvas it just pops a bit more IMO - hope this helps.
    Dionysys biege GG supreme.jpeg
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  9. With respect but your SA was talking nonsense. Unless someone stores a leather or suede bag by a window in direct sunlight it will not fade, and if you did that to the tan it would fade too. I never heard a more ridiculous piece of advice. I wish SAs would't make stuff up.
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  10. I prefer the all-leather because it could double as a evening bag although you already have a small black leather Chanel bag that could do the same thing (as do I, and very useful it is too). The print with the black is very cool and I think it looks sharp and classic too but I have mono-print Guccis and to me they just say day.