Pick up some stuff today... to avoid the increase


Mar 20, 2006
Last Mother's Day, my brother & I chipped in & surprised our mom with a Speedy 25. She also received a Musette Tango w/ long strap from me recently because she was always borrowing it and since I didn't use it much, I just let her keep it. (We don't live together so it's kind of hard to share our bags.) Anyway, she has always wanted to get a matching wallet for her bags but never did so this year, my brother & I decided to get her a wallet for Mother's Day.

I sat down with her and browsed through eLux a while ago and she liked the Pochette wallet best, so today, I went to pick one up for her to avoid the increase. I hope she'll like it! :yes:

I also picked up something for myself... I've wanted this for a while but never got it. I passed on it during the last increase and I didn't want to pass on it again so she finally came home with me. :yahoo:I purchased this Juicy Couture key chain/charm a while ago because I loved the charms on it. (Love cupcakes and ice cream!!) I attached it to my new baby, what do you guys think of it? (plz excuse the tags on it- hehe) I know it's not LV but I still :heart: it!

My SA also told me that I moved up on the VVN Watercolor speedy. Woohoo! :yahoo: I'm so excited!!! :wlae:I'm number 7 on the list and she said I'm definitely getting one. Now I can't wait till May... although I have to pay off some debt first, from my purchases today. :sweatdrop:

Wow, this was longer than I thought... please also excuse the tags on the pictures. I tagged them because I'm going to be posting them in my blog and don't want them stolen. Picture time!!!



Sep 19, 2006
Congrats on the Speedy. You and your brother are so sweet. Great choice on the wallet for your mom. I have the same wallet and it's the best ever.

Love LV

Love LV
Jan 7, 2008
Your mother is VERY lucky!!! Beautiful wallet.

AND LOVE your Speedy!! It's a gorgeous bag!!!! Was tempted today between this one or the Damier 30!!!!! Great charm too.



Oct 11, 2006
You and your brother are soooooo sweet! What a perfect mother's day gift. It's great that you treated yourself as well with that beautiful Mini Lin Speedy. Congrats to all of you!!!!!!!!!


Aug 13, 2007
Awww you and your brother are so sweet, I'm sure she'll love it!

Congrats on the Mini Lin, it's a great bag and oooh I love your Juicy charm ~ so cute!