Pick up or delivery ?

  1. Hi everyone i went to pick up an item that wasnt available and they ordered it for me from the boutique but i noticed no shipping was added, and the total didnt include tax. Why is that? Will the tax be added later? The receipt just showed the total of the item. This was my first time there so i was confused when i noticed the receipt after my credit card was charged:shrugs: MY other question is, im planning to get a purse in about 2 weeks, and from the same boutique, do you prefer picking it up right away, or is it just as fine to get it shipped home (finding parking there is hard) also when you ladies get something shipped to you from the same state boutique how much do they usually charge for shipping?
  2. When my local Chanel (NJ) ships to me, my SA does not charge me shipping, but has to charge me tax. When I order from Hirshleifers (NY), they never charge tax, but they do charge shipping.
  3. I live in chicago so is there a way i can skip the tax from any other chanel boutique??
  4. ^I don't think Chanel boutiques will do that. If you have a Chanel boutique in your state already, they *should* tax you, although maybe a kind SA will ring it up differently?

    I know that some department stores don't tax, even if you have a store in your state, because they can ring it up as a gift.

    I just did a charge send from the Chanel Las Vegas. I was charged tax since there are two Chanel boutiques here in Hawaii. 2 day shipping was free, and I made it so that I am picking it up at the boutique (I like getting the Chanel shopping bag and ribbons and all that). I also had the option of having it delivered to my home. :yes:
  5. i live in texas, which has several Saks, but ordered from new york and did not pay tax- I think it was free shipping as well (but maybe a promotion?)
  6. ^I think that for whatever reason department stores are much more likely to knock off the sales tax. Not sure why that is.
  7. i know that when u ship chanel to IL from Saks you dont have to pay tax. Maybe you can give the St. Louis Saks a call? The Chanel specialist there is Nancy and she is really nice!
  8. Oh really thanks, ill try her too then. Do you have the # by any chance?